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Crossing the 58th constellation…

Just starting. A bitter taste in the mouth. No glory. No hope. No light seen. No illusion, nor disillusion. The contemplation of what could have been done. Expected to be done. But not done. The look of losers. The expectations down there, too deep for my taste. A bitter taste in the mouth…

Crossing an […]

May Pedrógão Grande be a lesson…

Fire in Pedrógão Grande kils

My condolences !!

Killing for pleasure

Between the terrorism in Manchester, UK, passing through the long lasting war in Syria, and the total madness of Kim Jong-un, the world is crazy, I must say. Agitation is total. Tension is growing up. As days pass, we are more and more a barrel of gunpowder with a short fuse lookalike. I definitely do […]

Love Enough For Two

Loving for what? Both us? For two? I just love for myself and even in Portuguese “Amar Pelos Dois” this song is nothing more than a piece of crap very much appreciated by Europe. The old, antique and self-convinced Europe thinking since long the culture resides only between Portugal (westernmost European country) and Russia (easternmost […]

Dating sites reviews -p3

And Monika Brown, one of the thousands of fake profiles in, continues:

Thanks for your response, i am glad to meet a man who want a long term relationship. I am ready to build a relationship that will be permanent. . I was brought up in a farm house, maybe this tells why i […]

Dating sites reviews -p2

Well, is boring to read but I had the time and the patience to do it: reading an email message from a girl registered in (her name Monika Brown):

How are you and work,hope all is well with you ? its my very great pleasure to hear back from you. I want you to […]

Dating sites reviews

Yes, it’s my new hobby: subscribing dating websites. I know that curiosity killed the cat but I had to go through this. And the idea is to place here some reviews about some dating sites I’ve subscribed and experimented. There it goes the first one…

Nothing is as it looks to be. Thousands of […]