Fado, World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage (UNESCO)

Although not being very keen on fado, which together with the fact of writing this blog in English instead of Portuguese might make people ask if I really am Portuguese, I must not let this date, November 27th, 2011, pass through without recognizing the value of this boring Portuguese song, as the mentioned song was […]

One of those days…


People worth for what they do or have, not for what they are. This is a truth learned some when in our lives when our brain is already able to understand the difference between the “to be” and the “to have”. Yet, this does not happen with everybody because not everybody can achieve that state […]

The Final Cut

Today I’ve just given a huge step forward in my life. Or backwards! Time will tell as time seems to always tell…

This step is the sad end for a beautiful story. This has been a step never thought before but very much considered and matured before taken. This has been probably a moment of […]

Autumn of life -part 2

In October, 2006, I wrote here:

“Be ready when opportunity comes… Luck is the time when preparation and opportunity meet. ” (Roy D. Chapin Jr). Some tears could drop down my face after I read this quote of the day in this very same blog but a man should never cry. I’m saying this […]

Oh what a world

In this rentrée to my activity as freelance writer[1] I have decided to dedicate this post to a kid I have met a couple of months ago who had the common sense of calling me old-man, retrograde and barbarian. As I have not had any news from him since I left my previous job (July […]

Self-Trapped -part 2

… or “Don’t cry for me. This is not a goodbye”.[1]

Today I went through a terrific experience in my professional life: my former bosses were so spectacular providing me such a VIP treatment[2] that the result was a couple of people dropping some tears for me. Guys, when someone cries for me, sincerely and […]

Loneliness instead of Solitude

Somewhere near the 51st constellation, year 2010 – I have to declare I have today been crushed by loneliness. Fortunately I had a conversation about deep considerations over life and the good reasons to be alive and be still working out good ways to see happiness through a lens of weaknesses and hopes!

I wrote […]