Macho Latino: Wanted!

How about this? According to latest statistics, about 13% Portuguese men suffer from erectile dysfunction, which is something easily considered a complex national problem in a country apparently classified as “latino”, even not being located in South-America. As far I know, causes for this disease might be physical and/or psychological but the impact on […]

A Funeral for a Friend


Marriage Sucks -part 3

Isn’t this awesome? I am married and this is my third post with this (not that much) nice title: Marriage Sucks! Nevertheless, I have been invited for a wedding of a friend of mine, which will take place soon, and this made me think that I could try a remake of my previous posts about […]

Whispers of Wisdom

… it is what I am seeking but not finding. The perfect combination of wisdom and beauty is pure utopia. It would be great to have nearby someone much capable of not letting you get into the conclusion that you are a loser surrounded by losers. Those who are able of running frequent introspection exercises […]

New Look

Nop, not about me… This blog is now totally refurbished. Why? Because WordPress has been upgraded to 2.9.1 and previous theme “Freshy2” is no longer following up! Hélàs, because I really liked it.

This time, the blog has been cleaned up. The result is a weblog looking now like a bride: simple and pure. Eventually […]

Ms. Mercy Came For a Cup of Tea…

Tea is a fine drink, pretty tasty as much as scotch. Both of them very much socializing oriented. Chic ladies usually meet at evening for a cup of tea and some fat free buttered toasts. Drinking tea is not only a British attitude. However, they are the most worldwide known bigger tea consumers, even if […]

Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

Yes, it is. Funny is the phrase “Important it’s not how you look, it’s how you are”! Funny or not, the concept just does not fit to actual life style of rich societies, never has and never will. People thinking that way are the ones living on a platform of lyric thoughts, the eternal dreamers, […]


I wonder how many people know what an USB (Universal Serial Bus) is and how many people, although knowing what it is for, know as well what does USB stand for… The huge multitude of IT acronyms used to operate a computer, that wonderful machine we already can’t live without, are normally parroted by the […]