Fifty! What can be said about this? As far I know, whatever we may say will be nothing that can be taken as an absolute truth or even be taken as something interesting. It will depend, of course, on who you are, where are you coming from and where are you going to. Definitely, when […]

Solitude Standing

… or “I’m a poor lonesome cowboy, and a long way from home…”. The idea here is not to talk about Lucky Luke, the cowboy faster than his shadow, but rather talk only about the demystification of loneliness and the exaltation of the good part of it[1]. Anyhow, this post has been somewhat inspired by […]

This Is The Life

That much simple as cleaning a baby’s ass: click the arrow to play the video[1] from the very beginning or select an item from the menu beneath the player control bar. You may then think whatever you wish about it. No matter what that will be… c’est la vie!

By the way, where you gonna […]

Ponte Das Barcas

Two hundred years after, any comparison between Portugal and France is still a… joke!! Probably you already know why Napoleon’s marshal, Mr. Marshal Soult, was not capable of subduing a bunch of disorganized Portuguese troops, formed essentially by non-military elements, during the invasion of Portugal by the revolutionary French troops in 1809. You probably already […]

Let It Be, Let It be…

Not that I am a fan of Beatles (never was, still am not) nor because I think their song “Let It Be” is that much great but only because I have decided today to talk about a social stereotype which I call the “let-it-be person”.

Each one of us, humans populating this blued ball, is […]

Celebrating Women

I would say that many things on a social, political or intellectual point of view could cross my mind about Women or about the complexity involving this female side of mankind in this International Women’s Day 2009. It could, but it can’t. Not today, at least! It could be different in another day somewhere in […]

I feel like changing…

… and the new look of this site it’s a good start. This blog is now being set up on a new theme got from France (click here) and it was found when I was surfing the net in a lost saturday after a silly night when, once again but not that often, I lost […]

Call 112…

… because we’re getting sunk in galloping “chômage”.[1] I really wonder where and when all these corporations, currently laying off thousands of people, got this technique of creating and managing sandcastle-like companies!

What are we going to do with all these unemployed people? What are we going to do with this daily fear of waking […]