I feel like changing…

… and the new look of this site it’s a good start. This blog is now being set up on a new theme got from France (click here) and it was found when I was surfing the net in a lost saturday after a silly night when, once again but not that often, I lost […]

Call 112…

… because we’re getting sunk in galloping “chômage”.[1] I really wonder where and when all these corporations, currently laying off thousands of people, got this technique of creating and managing sandcastle-like companies!

What are we going to do with all these unemployed people? What are we going to do with this daily fear of waking […]

Half Full…

Today it’s happening, tomorrow will be another day. I woke up this morning with a good feeling for the running day but up to now I was not able to figure out why. As a matter of fact nothing has changed in my life but I felt I could see life, at least for today, […]

Friendship? Bullshit…

One bottle of good Portuguese wine, “vinho verde”, white line, one portion of “codfish handjob”, one portion of pork tripes, much of (great) Portuguese bread and olives and there we were, ready for another evening of caustic soda production. Talking was flowing the better the bigger was the amount of consumed alcohol. It is like […]


This post is my tribute to number forty-nine! Forty-nine is a relevant number cause is the one right before fifty, which, in principle, is the topmost of the upmost numbers. For a man, of course.

May the gods be with me… and with myself!

My Dwarves

Life not always makes sense and not all thoughts flowing in our mind seem to be completely related to our day by day or connected to our current state of spirit. For some reason I woke up one of these days with a short sentence which insisted quite a lot on not leaving my brain […]

E Viva l’España…

Good To Be Back!

Almost completing one year after my return from Brazil, where I and my family managed to survive to a two years international assignment, I feel like marking the actual date much more due to the fact that I left Brazil than because I’m back in my home country. As cheering myself up it’s one of […]