LASER, please!

Enough is enough! I can’t stand anymore the mistaken everybodies around me showing a total lack of respect for this wonder of technology called LASER!

What’s wrong with you, people? What makes you to be not sensible to sensitivity of science purists like me? It’s elementary (my dear Dr. Watson): if you don’t know it, […]

The other margin…

This blog is since long ago enriched, in its header, with a picture on which I review myself: grayscale Arrábida’s Bridge or, in Portuguese, “Ponte Da Arrábida“. The project of this bridge was placed under reponsibility of Portuguese civil engineer Edgar Cardoso, approved in 1955 and the works for erecting it started in March 1957. […]

Cellphone Kids

… or “A Geração Telemóvel“, in Portuguese. Yep, that’s true, according to Darwin’s evolutionary theory, I do believe that in due time human babies will be born already with a built-in cellphone. Till that day happens, an early childhood intervention program aiming the optimized use of cellphones is already a fact for babies born in […]

Canteloupe With Port-Wine

( moved to page Portuguese Cuisine )

Farewell Mr Pavarotti

Pavarotti, the opera side of him, tells me nothing more than what every simple mortal can see at once: a male powerful voice. Opera it’s a musical style which I can not integrate in my list of favorite music styles. But Pavarotti it’s much more than Opera as he decided, at some point of his […]

My English Sucks -part 2

It’s so hard to understand English, isn’t it? As much hard as to understand any other language but only English is the worldwide official spoken and written language for communication between people not speaking a common language. This time I leave space for the language experts. Let’s see what Richard Lederer has to say about […]

Size matters…

No matter what you’re talking about, size really matters. It’s impressive the power of this phrase to make people thinking about sex. I believe that such a power is no more than the effect of good marketing operations because the phrase has been used lately in TV advertising sketches to promote some products which, normally, […]

My English sucks…

…or “What the hell am I writing these fucking posts in English for?”. The answer may be quite complex but understandable if you really care about it, I mean, if you are patient enough to understand the reasons that Reason knows nothing about…

Let’s start from the beginning then, even knowing that not everything has […]