Christmas Carol…

Back to homeland after one whole year in Bahia brought me a bit of Christmas carol during the season which is supposed to celebrate the birth of a man about who nobody can say more than what the Bible says. And, as you know, the Bible is no better no worse than any of the […]

World AIDS day !!

This space is reserved to my dismay: I don’t know what to say about AIDS (or SIDA in French, Spanish and Portuguese). Fortunately there’s many people knowing what to say but, above all, what to do about it (click the banner). May this day bring some more strength and hope to the ones caught […]

Autumn Of Life

“Be ready when opportunity comes… Luck is the time when preparation and opportunity meet. ” (Roy D. Chapin Jr). Some tears could drop down my face after I read this quote of the day in this very same blog but a man should never cry. I’m saying this because I don’t recall to have had […]

Get A Fix

Very often an industrial company sees their shopfloor workers responsible for maintaining their productive equipment as a “necessary malevolence”. Based on that assumption, top managers usually under-pay this type of professionals working in the area of “Repair & Maintenance” and usually they also underestimate the skills of engineers and technicians dedicated to industrial maintenance. It’s […]

The Shout Of Ipiranga

Great day for Brazil and Portugal this September 7th: Brazil got its independence from Portugal, Portugal got rid of this problem called Brazil. We should also have a day-off in Portugal for that very same reason because when we are able to get rid of a huge problem we should celebrate it forever (like April […]

Kids Tell Me I’m Old…

Salvador, BA – Today in Salvador, BA we’re celebrating the Fathers’ Day. In Portugal we celebrate the Father’s Day and the date it’s not the same. Have you got the difference? No? You’re not father probably. My kids woke up this morning and they have given me a special good morning kiss and they have […]

One Gone, One To Go…

[+] Brazilian newspaper, click here [+] BBC News, click here

One Year After…

Salvador, BA – Of course I didn’t feel what Pedro Alvares Cabral felt in 1500 but I have to mark the date of July 29th, 2005 as the date of my own disembark in Brazil, Bahia, Salvador and as the date of the beginning of an “adventure” within the boundaries of what it is possible […]