Côrôné ACM…

In what country is possible to publicly offend the president of the Republic by calling him “thief” and even so still be adored by the people and far, far away from being punished for that? Brazil, of course. Check it here.

The Brazil of the soft accent and sweet words. The Brazil who accuses the […]

Tiradentes, brazilian martyr

Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, known as Tiradentes (1746–1792), was part of the Brazilian seditious movement known as the “Inconfidência Mineira”.

Born in São José del Rei (now called Tiradentes), Minas Gerais, Tiradentes was adopted by his godfather and moved to Vila Rica (now Ouro Preto) after the deaths of his parents (mother in […]

The Carnival in Salvador and I…

Salvador, Bahia – I feel the pleasure of not having been nor will be making part of the best Carnival in the world (so they say…), even living 10Km away from the place where it is happening.

And why is this so important for me? Because all people around me had the worry of telling […]