Thank you Mr. Mário Soares

Mário Soares

From 2016?

Our Champions

Patricia Mamona


Café Tony, Leça da Palmeira


Whom to? Myself. To the ocean which is and always will be part of my imaginary. To “cimbalino”[1], with or with sugar. To the Portuguese terrace. To survival. To existence…



Thank you very, very much, Mr. Cohen

Leonard Cohen

Francesinha -p2

Francesinha & Super Bock

Again, and again, and again… Not to often, just when I miss it. And when we miss we feel more pleasure eating. Now with Super Bock, the very much Portuguese beer which already crossed lands and seas despite serious competitors from several parts of the world.

I have been in USA a couple of times. […]

Congratulations Portugal -roller hockey

The roller hockey Portuguese squad is the winner of the 2016 CERH European Championship. After this victory, Portugal is the European champion for the 21st time since 1947.

Well done boys…

Nice, another act of terror

Enough !! There is no reason to keep being diplomatic with these beasts who spit on the plate where they eat. Let’s shut frontiers if necessary. Let’s send back home, to Asia or Africa every single Muslim or even Muslim descendant living in Europe. Think: why do they leave their countries? Isn’t it because in […]