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A bath of solitude

The world does not care about truth. The truth is one per each mind in world. The reality is relative to every eye which sees it. The eyes deceive. The mind takes deception depending on convenience. Convenience rules…

Love is such an easy old thing. Love is what you want it to be. Love is […]

Women and Humor

Humor is not a feminine attribute.

I mean, good humor. Because bad, yes, women master it. That’s why I so much appreciate the opposite sex (or gender, if you prefer). It is so captivating to tease a being that in just one day varies so much its humor, being that the predominant is the […]

Thank you Mr. Mário Soares

Mário Soares

From 2016?

Our Champions

Patricia Mamona


Café Tony, Leça da Palmeira


Whom to? Myself. To the ocean which is and always will be part of my imaginary. To “cimbalino”[1], with or with sugar. To the Portuguese terrace. To survival. To existence…



Thank you very, very much, Mr. Cohen

Leonard Cohen