Nice, another act of terror

Enough !! There is no reason to keep being diplomatic with these beasts who spit on the plate where they eat. Let’s shut frontiers if necessary. Let’s send back home, to Asia or Africa every single Muslim or even Muslim descendant living in Europe. Think: why do they leave their countries? Isn’t it because in […]

Encore “La Bataille Des Coqs”…

Napoleon Portugais

Parce que les Français ne savent pas perdre et ne savent pas Histoire…[1]


Blague dègueulasse…

Speaking of jokes, French are not famous for their humor. As a matter of fact, French humor is quite a lot female style. Meaning: very little! Their arrogance is as well a weak point because is always only addressed to the weakest side. Not comparing to the easy way Germans invaded France in the World […]

We’re as simple as doves, as wise as serpents

“We were as simple as doves, as wise as serpents…”[1] by Fernando Santos Portuguese Coach in UEFA Euro 2016

A propos de football dégueulasse…

Après avoir perdu avec ce football dégueulasse[1] il ne rest plus que un gros melon, n’est ce pas franciús?[2]

The Winner of UEFA Euro 2016

To be remembered, today and ever. A squad from a small country always seen as the “poor guys with a nice football”. A squad going against the worst criticism from the host of this tournament, France, which had the glorious chance of tasting, on their flesh and bones, the sweetness of this Portuguese “disgusting”[1] football. […]

Strategy, Discipline, Belief

Mission: knockout CR7

His name: Dimitri Payet. His mission: knockout Cristiano Ronaldo. With intention? Clearly… Accomplice: the referee, Mark Clattenburg (England)