Congratulations Portugal

The winner of UEFA Euro 2016

UEFA Rich Man, Poor Man

Portuguese football players

This Europe at two speeds (or more) will show up its football form today with the first semi-final of this UEFA Euro 2016. On one side[1], two very small countries, Portugal and Wales, which never won any competition in their lives. Worse than Portugal, Wales has a very little story to tell regarding its football […]

Thank You Very Much, David

David Bowie, Space Oddity

Velhos Tempos

Suddenly I knew that you’d have to go, your world was not mine, your eyes told me so. Yet it was there I felt the crossroads of time and I wondered why.

The old ways are lost…

by Loreena McKennitt “Old Ways”, in Nights from the Alhambra(live), © 2007 Subtitles in Portuguese by Zé Barbosa[1]. […]

Today’s Thought

We all feel sad, we all feel happy, we all get drunk… May the gods be with you…

Gradual Choking

Once in a while I find myself thinking about decisions. The taken ones. The not taken ones. The ones other might have taken. Good. Bad. Simply designed with that perfection that only distance can provide. Those “If I were you…” are charming! Always…

Slight wanderings through a past full of everything and nothing. A tenuous […]

Ooops… Maintenance works today !

Today we had to proceed with several unscheduled maintenance works on our server. Due to that, several broadcasting interruptions took place which have kicked off some of our listeners.

We do apologize and we promise to be as fast as possible. A couple of more cuts may happen in the next few hours but we’re […]

Three Days, Two Towns, One River

Boats. Power. Speed. Race. Douro. In summer, this year[1] !!

I’m not fan of this kind of races but I’m very much fan of Douro, a river which always has been a relevant part of my reality and my imaginary. The river represents Porto city, its population, its history. Always has, always will…

An […]