Twenty Fifteen

Many things came up into my mind, before and after the twelve clangs. The first one is the goal for this new year: same as before! Kind a “winning team shouldn’t be changed” or “better same than none”. It can be taken as stepping forward one, followed by stepping back the same but life is […]

So much far away from everything…

Really everything… Space and time sometimes are magnitudes mixed up in phrases more or less philosophic. But even old philosophy is far away. Everything can be anything, just depending on many things. Too many, sometimes. The young girl said “Happiness for me is to enjoy an ice-cream in a sunny and hot day in summer”. […]

Pathetic Uncle Sam

No comments…[1]

USA squad was massacred by the Belgian team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup but the score (Belgium 2-1 USA) can’t show that due to an inspiring and surely unrepeatable performance of the goalkeeper Tim Howard. Let’s take this as US-American humor on this famous July 4th, The Independence Day! […]


Between the is and the should be. Between the was and the shouldn’t have been. Between the she and the other. Between the concept and the preconception. Between the parenthood and progenitorhood[1]. Between the social and the individual. Between the pleasure and the pain. Between the will be and the shall be. Between the stones […]

C’est vraiment trop injuste…


The Undesired Return

I hate the act of returning. As far I remember, every possible return it’s not a choice of my own will. Gone times are always gone forever, at least it’s what I wish them to be. This undesired return hurts me quite a lot. How I wish it wasn’t happening…

Every time I travel away, […]

Welcome back Winamp ??

After our post “Goodbye Winamp“, last December 19th, something has happened in the finances world and it looks like Winamp has been moribund but definitely not dying! Not yet, though…

The rumor about the possible interest of Microsoft Inc acquiring Winamp was just that, a rumor. However, because good things should never die, good news […]

(S)ulfuric flavo(r) !!!

It was seven years ago I first wrote about this Icelandic band, Sigur Rós. I ended that very same post with “Come on, give it a try!! Actually, I just know very few people who love this rock band and buy their CDs as well. And, believe me, I and some of them have very […]