Welcome back Winamp ??

After our post “Goodbye Winamp“, last December 19th, something has happened in the finances world and it looks like Winamp has been moribund but definitely not dying! Not yet, though…

The rumor about the possible interest of Microsoft Inc acquiring Winamp was just that, a rumor. However, because good things should never die, good news […]

(S)ulfuric flavo(r) !!!

It was seven years ago I first wrote about this Icelandic band, Sigur Rós. I ended that very same post with “Come on, give it a try!! Actually, I just know very few people who love this rock band and buy their CDs as well. And, believe me, I and some of them have very […]

The Black Panther -the farewell

May you rest in peace, mr. Eusébio da Silva Ferreira, and thank you very much for your huge dedication to football[1] of your country (Portugal[2]) and your favorite club (Sport Lisboa e Benfica).


Happy New Year

Goodbye Winamp !

AOL have just announced the end of one of the best mp3 players in the world: Winamp. This is most probably the beginning of the end of our radio, nRP, cause our broadcasting is supported by that mp3 player and its plugins.

Winamp was a creation of Nullsoft in 1997 which sold Winamp to AOL […]

Clichés, Sex and Other Trivialities

Still away from my smashing routine, going fast down to “déjà vues”, this is not what a wise man should be dealing with! “Just passing by” is no more, no less, than “just passing by”. I feel I should not be dealing with trivialities at this point of my life but, passing now to the […]

Of low costs, the History prays not !

Low cost shoes. Low cost leather. Dusty. Not shining. Down there. Very much down there. Where mud rules. Where cockroaches crawl. Greased once in a while. Firmly brushed as well. Classic style or, perhaps, outmoded. Shoe laces. Traveling along endless miles till holes let the rain waters wet the flesh or freeze the bones. Or […]

Far, far, far away lands