The Black Panther -the farewell

May you rest in peace, mr. Eusébio da Silva Ferreira, and thank you very much for your huge dedication to football[1] of your country (Portugal[2]) and your favorite club (Sport Lisboa e Benfica).


Happy New Year

Goodbye Winamp !

AOL have just announced the end of one of the best mp3 players in the world: Winamp. This is most probably the beginning of the end of our radio, nRP, cause our broadcasting is supported by that mp3 player and its plugins.

Winamp was a creation of Nullsoft in 1997 which sold Winamp to AOL […]

Clichés, Sex and Other Trivialities

Still away from my smashing routine, going fast down to “déjà vues”, this is not what a wise man should be dealing with! “Just passing by” is no more, no less, than “just passing by”. I feel I should not be dealing with trivialities at this point of my life but, passing now to the […]

Of low costs, the History prays not !

Low cost shoes. Low cost leather. Dusty. Not shining. Down there. Very much down there. Where mud rules. Where cockroaches crawl. Greased once in a while. Firmly brushed as well. Classic style or, perhaps, outmoded. Shoe laces. Traveling along endless miles till holes let the rain waters wet the flesh or freeze the bones. Or […]

Far, far, far away lands


No Space For Time

I found my old age on the wrinkles of a smiling woman who always smiles…

I decided to be as old as old is the smile on her innocence that would be a little girl’s one if she was a little girl. I have finally accepted to play the role it has always been […]

The lunatic is in my head…

Nobody deserves a day like today. Why me? Why? Is it because I no longer believe that there is a mean, cruel and revengeful God looking at me from up there, waiting for me to slip down with the first banana peel, strategically left somewhere there, on the floor I am predestined to walk on? […]