No Space For Time

I found my old age on the wrinkles of a smiling woman who always smiles…

I decided to be as old as old is the smile on her innocence that would be a little girl’s one if she was a little girl. I have finally accepted to play the role it has always been […]

The lunatic is in my head…

Nobody deserves a day like today. Why me? Why? Is it because I no longer believe that there is a mean, cruel and revengeful God looking at me from up there, waiting for me to slip down with the first banana peel, strategically left somewhere there, on the floor I am predestined to walk on? […]

Who Is She? -part 2


Kids Without A Tomorrow?

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Complicities -part 2

Crossing the 54th constellation…

Truth is important when everybody around you have the same definition for it. This can happen, but it is not that easy. Watching the picture here below, I would say that every soul being part of the bunch of souls populating this strange planet, Earth, would have its own reading of that very same image. […]

Ten Thousand Thundering Typhoons!

It was like Erwin Rommel was reborn and ordered his panzers to destroy everything they could find ahead. And what they have found ahead was no more, no less, the two best football squads from Spain, from the bigger Spanish towns, and ones of the best in the entire world: FC Barcelona and Real Madrid […]

Crawling On A Foggy Night

Between a huge desire of being on stage and a non less huge need of crossing to the other side of the street, hidden in the deepest dark night you can imagine, a turbulent flow of feelings is happening and a random sequence of events is taking place. Steady lives can’t happen on random sequence […]