La Dame Et Le Vagabonde

I feel I know you. I don’t know how, I don’t know why. I see you feel for me, you cried with me, you would die for me. I know I need you. I want you to be free of all the pain you hold inside. You cannot hide. I know you tried to be […]

What would Camões say?

Portugal Day, Luís de Camões and Portuguese Communities, just after we have been beaten again by Germany! The football match ‘Germany 1-0 Portugal’ had no surprises at all. Germany always play cold and goal oriented. Portugal always play beautiful but very rarely efficiently. Once again, Germany won, Portugal took home a moral victory. Exactly what […]

My new Me

I have decided to show solidarity with my home country in this not so good phase of our History by replacing my old nick “The Wanderer” by a very much Portuguese style one: Zé Barbosa. I will not change the language, though!

Why? What for? Because I want! That’s all. Why should one always have […]

Crossing the desert

Yes, this is just a metaphor! I wonder how many people in the world takes this image, at a certain point of their life, to classify a specific period during what there is nothing around them they can take as essentially relevant.

I was one of these days having dinner and at the same time […]

Father’s Day

Normally, there are words like vocation, profession, coincidence, mischance, passion, imponderable or several other to classify our choices over what we want to do in life. Actually, I would better say over what we want to take as our “doing for living”, if I wish to be more pragmatic. Pragmatism, where is it? We do […]

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Yes, it’s an old idea, yet not original. I too, have the right of put here what I appreciate (thumbs up) and not appreciate (thumbs down) in this mankind odyssey which has started a short while after the Big Bang…

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, a plainness female singer who is worth just for her voice […]

The Black Panther

Happy birthday, mr. Eusébio da Silva Ferreira, and congratulations for your 70 years of huge dedication to your country’s, Portugal, and your favorite club’s, Sport Lisboa e Benfica, football (soccer for USA).



Three good reasons for not reading this post:

I am celebrating the sixteenth anniversary of an important decision: I quit smoking! I am celebrating the sixteenth year since my son’s birth. I am proudly showing here a home made video where my son proudly tries hard to imitate his (and mine, actually) favorite band: Muse […]