It might be considered “hard” if we switch off, then on, the main power. It might be considered “soft” if we leave everything under power while we put to its original state every single variable in the process on discussion. Whether hard or soft, a reset is always something causing a great impact, sometimes good, […]

Under Maintenance

We’re are currently maintaining our nRP server which is causing several and unexpected cuts in our radio broadcasting! The best solution would be to buy a new server but economical crisis in this side of the world makes us to be wise people and reserve the little money we own for bread and water…

Those […]

La Dame Et Le Vagabonde

I feel I know you. I don’t know how, I don’t know why. I see you feel for me, you cried with me, you would die for me. I know I need you. I want you to be free of all the pain you hold inside. You cannot hide. I know you tried to be […]

What would Camões say?

Portugal Day, Luís de Camões and Portuguese Communities, just after we have been beaten again by Germany! The football match ‘Germany 1-0 Portugal’ had no surprises at all. Germany always play cold and goal oriented. Portugal always play beautiful but very rarely efficiently. Once again, Germany won, Portugal took home a moral victory. Exactly what […]

My new Me

I have decided to show solidarity with my home country in this not so good phase of our History by replacing my old nick “The Wanderer” by a very much Portuguese style one: Zé Barbosa. I will not change the language, though!

Why? What for? Because I want! That’s all. Why should one always have […]

Crossing the desert

Yes, this is just a metaphor! I wonder how many people in the world takes this image, at a certain point of their life, to classify a specific period during what there is nothing around them they can take as essentially relevant.

I was one of these days having dinner and at the same time […]

Father’s Day

Normally, there are words like vocation, profession, coincidence, mischance, passion, imponderable or several other to classify our choices over what we want to do in life. Actually, I would better say over what we want to take as our “doing for living”, if I wish to be more pragmatic. Pragmatism, where is it? We do […]

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Yes, it’s an old idea, yet not original. I too, have the right of put here what I appreciate (thumbs up) and not appreciate (thumbs down) in this mankind odyssey which has started a short while after the Big Bang…

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, a plainness female singer who is worth just for her voice […]