More beautiful than…

Is Porto, Portugal, one of the “10 Smaller Cities That Are More Beautiful Than Their Capitals“? A huge surprise !! Even more coming from a travel website from USA…


Cats & Cats

Puss In Boots

Charles Perrault and his 338º anniversary! How do I know this? Because I’m a Google user and this fact was there. My curiosity took me to find out who the hell was that gentleman. All of sudden I found out that some of my childhood favorite fairy tales were created by him, like:

The Puss […]

Breaking Waves in 2016

Winter sunset in Matosinhos’ beach

New year, new life. New expectations, new promises. New wills, new reformulations. Swimming to meet the waves. And breaking them…

For every time we fall down we do need to have learnt how to stand up again. So help me the gods…

In English — Every breaking wave on the shore Tells the next one […]

Ain’t Talkin’

As I walked out tonight in the mystic garden The wounded flowers were dangling from the vines I was passing by yon cool and crystal fountain Someone hit me from behind

Ain’t talkin’, just walkin’ Through this weary world of woe Heart burnin’, still yearnin’ No one on earth would ever know

They say prayer […]


My Lady Carey’s Dompe is that kind of tune[1] very much able of transporting us to the very old times of kings, knights and m’ladies, castles and jousts between men always greedy for showing and proving their manhood, yesterday just like today.

Curiously, the theme is also presented by some people as a traditional Irish […]

They Don’t Like You Be So Free

Long time no see… Westerns, of course! Far West, Old West or Wild West… Or, most commonly, cowboy movies.

This product of a typical USA culture was, many years ago, one of my favorites. Let’s say that we really can’t escape to normality. Said by other words and generally speaking, each of us trails in […]

I Do Not Like Piercings

I Do Not Like Tattoos