Damn it !! Hungry and angry…

What if you have a dinner or a lunch, or a lunch and dinner and after all you’re still thinking about a … Francesinha? The best sandwich in the world? Who cares? I not… I just care about those frequent moments in my life when I miss it, I […]

Enlighten Me

… during those very frequently happening moments when it looks like not existing the right track. In those moments when love is just a mirage in a desert of feelings. In those hours when tears seem to be the only relief. While crossing long minutes of forced solitude. During occasional hesitations about regrets. While corroded […]

Vixé Maínha…

There are moments on what even the ones up there come pretty much LÖW…


Porto elected best European destination 2014

Porto is exceptional. In more ways than one. Elected Best European Destination 2014 by the european citizens, Porto, the “Cidade Invicta” (unvanquished city) is history, is architecture, culture, gastronomy, trade, encounters and discoveries.

Porto has all the charm of towns which happily cohabit with their river. You can stroll along the River Douro (river of […]

Bye, Bye Portugal

I would say that worse than getting beaten by the powerful German football squad (we are used to that) is a tie with an amateur football squad, USA, coached by a former German player (Jürgen Klinsmann) who, in his time, was a fairly good player but not that much. What happened in this USA 2-2 […]

Exporting Football Coaching

Although Portugal squad has never won any UEFA or FIFA competition, the world already knows a couple of Portuguese football coaches who have no fear at all of traveling to far, far away lands in order to lead local teams and make them achieve better results.

The most famous is, with no doubt, José Mourinho […]

Bye, Bye England

Stronger than me! What? My support to every team playing against England. Why? Maybe historical reasons? Maybe because every time I visited England they made me feel I was not welcome? I don’t know! Maybe because England owns a natural attribute of bringing up the worst from each of us, the foreigners? Maybe because I […]

2014 FIFA World Cup -PT squad

There they are, the twenty three Portuguese football[1] players named by Paulo Bento, the coach, to make part of the Portuguese national squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Any choice, from whoever about whatever, always is both a good and bad choice! So, let’s wait, see and enjoy it the best we […]