2014 FIFA World Cup

On the Road…

And the Portuguese squad is there. Again! This time in Group G together with United States, Germany, and Ghana.

Don’t miss Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, João Moutinho, Fábio Coentrão, Pepe, Rui Patrício, Paulo Bento (coach) and many other…

Download here (n/a B, downloaded 63 times) official 2014 FIFA World Cup schedule […]

Feelings in Black & White

(…) SHE – Oh gosh! Why’s that, sun of my life? HE – Because some of us, human beings, hardly express our own feelings. SHE – I know and that’s why you’re in troubles! What are you gonna do tonight? HE – Watching TV, I guess! I feel like staying at home kind a calm […]

Mike F

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“Q Bonjóia” by Mike F Live w/ friends

Thoughts in Black & White


Shoot me…

Girls are all alike! They aren’t, actually, but once in a while I love these pre-made sentences or, if you prefer, these clichés. And there was I in that normal garden, in a normal Sunday afternoon, with a normal friend, chatting about normal things, killing time as I normally do in normal Sunday afternoons, the […]

For the twenty-seventh turn…

this table extracted from FIFA.com […]

What must be, must be !

To be or not to be, what must be, must be! And like so rotates the world, day after day, ones after the other. One thing we can be sure about: two sequential days will never happen at the same time! I am not a fan of certain sayings with its origin in popular sources […]

My little world…

I wish I were a constant traveler! But I am not. Let’s say that once upon a time there as a life project which became no more than a nice project. Nevertheless, one of these (last) days I saw myself revising all places I already visited, most of them result of business trips. I started […]