… of Portugal, of course!

This is what I am: I love eating and drinking, good company and I am Portuguese. Altogether, my last wanderings through out this tiny country where I was born took me to the very north of this Lusitanian world. Specifically, Peneda-Gerês National Park is where I usually go to get […]

The Lady Of Shalott

“The Lady Of Shalott”[1] is a poem[2] written by Alfred Tennyson used as base for the song with the same name, adapted by Loreena McKennitt. This is a very melodic song to what both Loreena’s voice and the fantasy associated to lovely Camelot’s stories print a very heavenly mood. Who, in early times of life, […]

No Expectations

I’ve realized, long ago, that Rolling Stones, a British rock band, never made part of my CD collection just because I don’t like them. Astonishing? Not really! There were many other bands in my youth I was not fond of. I don’t see why should I like them just because they were one of the […]

Happy birthday, my beloved friend…

No comments…

by Natalie Merchant ‘Beloved Wife’, in Tigerlily, © 1995 Video created/edited by unknown.

Moody Spirits

Each of us is a combination of body and spirit. Or is it body and soul? Or is it body, spirit and soul? Or just body but life without an immaterial component of us, where we can file those little things we have decided they’re much beyond the body, makes no sense to us?

Does […]

Where do you think you’re going?

Between the answer “no where” and the “I don’t know”, there are a lot of possible other answers to this question depending on the structural formation of the person you’re inquiring. Structural formation! Wow, I am really a good bullshit maker…

One of these days I was in my son’s bedroom trying to play his […]

Let’s Talk About It

Guys, I must confess: I really had to write this post! I hope I will be forgiven by Ms. M “The Celtic Woman”, who I love very much, but I was not able to resist to doing it.

Yep, I’ve just had my very first breach in this interesting chat world with the lady […]

Temporary Peace

Among all decisions taken in the last couple of years, there’s one still prevailing as a right choice, yet perhaps not in the best moment. Nevertheless, it’s always good to feel there is life inside me. There is freedom. And freedom can drive you anywhere you wish, as long you wish something.

Here I am […]