Cohen’s Return 2012

After releasing the acclaimed Old Ideas, Leonard Cohen’s 12th record of original tracks, the legendary singer/composer/poet comes back to the stage for a world-wide tour that, naturally, includes Portugal, on 7th October, at the Pavilhão Atlântico.

After a career spanning six decades, Leonard Cohen, unquestionably one of the biggest singer-songwriters of all time, is still […]

Love Of My Life

For the many words already said. For the many words still on the way. For the many smiles and laughs freely given. For the much harmony between thoughts. For the many stops for thinking before typing. For the many reformulations. For the many seconds staring at the wide liquid. For the many times fingers have […]

The Plastic Wonderland

That’s the way it is and nothing tells us it will change soon. World is a pit of shit mixed with good smelling flowers. The song here below it’s a pit of contradictions which worked very fine. It seems it was born without any rational intention and after its birth it was touched and retouched […]

I Am

I woke up this morning with the huge feeling that millions of people in the world would like me to write an “About me” about me. Because I don’t feel particularly imaginative today, I stole next paragraphs from my Facebook profile.

I was born a while after my parents decided to make it happen and […]

Emotional Barrenness

Long time no see! The difference between ‘sentiment’ and ’emotion’ or the ‘sentimental state’ and the ’emotional state’ is very much tenuous. I had some (much) time ago the desire of writing here something about these two states but, for a couple of recent reasons, I have postponed it. I am not very much pro […]

Michelle, ma belle…

What would I do if I had in front of me such a gorgeous lady like this, looking and smiling at me this way?

I would just fade out while trying my best to hide my embarassment…

Who Is She?

I could say I know her. But I don’t. I could say she asked me to photograph her. She didn’t. I could say I asked her to take her photo. I didn’t. I could say I behaved bad stealing her image. I guess I didn’t because she saw me pointing to her my old *istDL […]

Euro 2012 is there…

Guys, football moves mountains! There it is, almost a full month of football for all tastes. The only thing I can wish is my country to bring home that much desired cup[1]. We all are free to dream, aren’t we?

You may download real size picture of our national football team if you click here. […]