Pedro Abrunhosa has a couple of things for him: he was born in Porto, he owns a self-made character and usually tries hard to overcome, with some class, the several intellectual slips he, once in a while, performs. Properly said, Abrunhosa is what a country like Portugal must have. He is also what a country […]

Fields Of Eden

No comments…

Someone like you

I would put here “No comments!” and would leave you with following song, which would probably not drive you to understand how navy is the blue color I am watching right now !! Watching ?? Wow… I am a damn good liar. I dedicate this post to all women who will drop real and deeply […]

Shape Matters

Yes, I heard the news on TV[1]: silicone breast implants produced with wrong silicone type may bring huge health problems to women who they were applied to! I haven’t paid much attention then. However, a couple of days ago I started feeling that I have a couple of things to say. Why?


Friendship? Cheers!

I have found out (lately) that it is still possible to go through truly friendship between two human beings up to the borders where people usually barily get into the conclusion if what they are feeling is friendship or love. I myself, an incurable “free speech” performer, very often get very much lost when I […]


It was not my intention to post here anything about 2010 FIFA World Cup and, in particular, about the national team of my country, Portugal. However, a score like this (Portugal 7 – 0 North Korea) it is not usual in football[1], no matter what Cup we are talking about. I am feeling, then, like […]


… my new found!

Being a fan of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Rufus Wainwright and Jeff Buckley (among others of the same kind), I got immediately attracted to Mazgani‘s first notes I heard, a while ago on TV. Finally, after some “contemplation”, I had to go to FNAC (one of my favorite shops, […]

I’ve Found my Muse!

Speaking of Mr. Edvale (again) and my son (14 yo), I definitely have got surrendered to Muse (band), a rock group from Teignmouth (Devon), UK, from what I already took a very beautiful rock ballad with the intention of sharing it with my readers, through this blog, which you can listen to here.

‘Why surrendered?’, […]