Foolish Games

Three reasons made me writing this post: I feel depressed, Jewel Kilcher is gorgeous, this song depresses me even more and I always had this strong will of translating a song from English to Portuguese. Case you haven’t noticed, I’ve announced three reasons but I gave you four. Case you feel much angry with that, […]

While Your Lips Are Still Red

Metal bands still produce the best ballads in the rock universe. It has been like so ever since and hopefully should keep being like so. “Nightwish” is a Finnish band born in 1996, in Kitee (Finland), moving around metal music, heavy metal, hard rock or whatever relatives you want to add here cause I even […]

What Else?

Although the low consumption per capita of coffee in Portugal (2Kg/person/year of raw material), within an European Union scenario, I do believe there’s no other country where coffee tastes that much good as it does over here. And I don’t remember at all any country where coffee is in fact a pleasure at the dimension […]

Commander Cohen

Author of the following discography (the plus sign means I own it):

Songs of Leonard Cohen, 1967 [+] Songs From a Room, 1969 [+] Songs of Love and Hate, 1971 [+] Live Songs, 1973 New Skin For The Old Ceremony, 1974 [+] The Best Of, 1975 Death Of A Ladies’ Man, 1977 Recent Songs, […]

Lady Virginia

Long time no see… A good reason for a writer not writing it’s the lack of inspiration. I assume I am a writer just for the simple reason that I write things I want them to be read by someone. In the last couple of weeks I have had nothing I wanted to be read […]


For those of you knowing me, nothing that I can say here will make you believe I have been out in Pelourinho, Salvador’s downtown, for a Friday night show of Brazilian music but I do declare that it really happened (January 19th). That place in Largo Pedro Arcanjo it’s where you can go every […]

The Host Of Seraphim

The Host Of Seraphim (from The Serpent’s Egg, 1988) was my first date with Dead Can Dance, an aussie band (if such can be told) formed in 1981 by Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard, both of them born in Commonwealth countries and, at least until last year, still together despite some separations here and there […]

Love Is In The Water !!

Hell with the fake pudency or shame! This is the actual best “fofoca” (chitchat) here in Bahia: ex-Ronaldo’s (The Phenomenon) making sex with occasional boyfriend in Spain. I’ve got this video (click here) from Internet and people is talking a lot about it (on radio and TV). There’s already some jokes about it. There’s happiness […]