Mr. Power Point

The art of well power pointing in any corporation is three quarters of the way to a well succeeded career. Investment on MS Power Point (advanced) has therefore a guaranteed return. However, learning is not all. Is mandatory to own already the natural skill…


Oh What A World Of Pretenders

While Nicolás Maduro tries to reach the poll-position for the world race of odd characters, where Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are standing for long, the world keeps being populated by normal people pretending to love what they do daily.

I don’t like what I’m doing, in every day of my life. I’m bored. Saturated. […]

Sine Die

Is the normal behavior of many human beings. Going, living, seeing, thinking without a deadline. Commitment is a heavy word for a bunch of people. Might, maybe, “we never know”, “who knows?” are very much frequently used words. And the Portuguese are not exclusive owners of this behavior. Oh no, I have seen much worse […]

Portugal Second

Just teasing. No political intentions from my side, at all…

After Netherlands, other European countries are competing for the second place in the World. America is always first. Who’s gonna be the second?

Mr. Trump, America First? Portugal Second (uncomplete video-clip). Subtitles in Portuguese. Original photo fom Zé Barbosa’s gallery. […]

Le Pen(ism)

Guys, left-wing fascism? Come on, get out of here…

Fascism, one of the famous 4 isms (communism, socialism, capitalism and fascism) is right there, right-wing. Sometimes extreme…

Marine Le Pen? Fascist. And the French, these vain ones of central Europe, love it. Yes, those shitties who are always divided between southern, central and northern Europe. […]

Trumping My Mind

North-Americans are, individually, proud humans. An endless pride fills up their souls right since the very tender age when they really can process the messages from their parents. Very early in their lives, they hear stories about the grandiosity of their country. They learn that World only survives because USA exists. They learn that big […]

The rats are escaping…

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage, leader of the campaign for BRexit[1] has resigned (again!) because, according to himself, his job is done: Britain is out of European Union. Great man! The mess is created, now he leaves. Just a question: why the hell he doesn’t leave European Parliament too?


Bye, bye UK

They were never that much UNITED, were they? An almost “fifty-fifty”[1] decision to leave a club which they entered on their own free will? I’m afraid these results point much more to a divided country, don’t they?. But, let me ask, they hadn’t a pistol pointed to their heads when they entered European Community in […]