Pragmatic Way Of Sinking

As we spend at least one third of our life working hard to make someone else rich or richer, it is reasonable to spend some time writing about this thing which I have seen all my life as “my hell in earth”. This statement pointing to the fact that I spend that much time of […]

Family Guy

The Griffin family (Brian, Lois, Peter, Stewie, Chris and Meg) is supposed to be a portrait of a typical American family and Family Guy is an animated television sitcom on Fox Broadcasting Company intended to be another reference to the American culture, whatever that might mean. I am not an unconditional follower but I must […]

The Return Of The Other Lady? -part 2

«The “other lady” is an expression referring to the previous fascist regime born in 1933 and dead in 1974, which drove Portugal to the ruinous state of a nationalist and catholic “proudly alone empire”, totally owned and controlled by half a dozen of millionaire families. The “other lady” is an expression pointing to a time […]

JAD, l’enfant terrible !!

Joana Beatriz Nunes Vicente Amaral Dias, born in May 13, 1975, in Luanda, Angola, psychologist, university teacher in Coimbra’s University, single mother of Vicente, a 13yo boy, former leader of the far left political party BE (Bloco de Esquerda) and former parliamenteer [1] for the same party. This is the lady politician in vogue who […]

The Return Of The Other Lady?

… or “why the hell can’t we get rid of those ghosts from our recent past?”. Manuela Ferreira Leite is no more no less than one symptom more of the pathetic way of being a politician in this tiny country where people are still struggling in a messy way to be taken seriously by its […]


Tiananmen Square Protests happened twenty years ago (1989). Who cares?

Get Me Out Of Here!

Most of the people I know refuse to recognize how mistaken is their life or how boring their life is or how puzzled is their day to day existence. Why? Because if they do it, I mean if they realize it, they also have to realize they are not happy. The best way to resolve […]

Speaking of Stock Markets…

How I wish I knew something about it! My only contact with success regarding Economical and Financial environments was when I used to play Monopoly (game). I remember how happy I felt every time I finished the game with all those red and green small houses geometrically aligned along those colored streets which I had […]