Marriage Sucks -part 2

Easy things do not challenge, they say, but I rather take them easy, if I can. But marriage it is not an easy thing, never was, never will… Like I said before, people should not have to marry. In (almost) all existing social groups, whether we call them countries or cultures, marriage is not a […]

Jesus In Black


Crisis? What Crisis?

One’s life, no matter who we are talking about, is always plenty of ghosts. A human’s brain is such a complex device very much able to create things which may go from the worst to the best (just like North-Americans). There we are again handling one more huge ghost, this time simply called “Crisis”.

If […]

Miss Sarajevo

After I wrote my post about a Jewel’s song (see it here), I got a comment, off the record, from an old soul with the intention of complimenting me for my good effort of translating, from English to Portuguese, the lyrics of “Foolish Games”. I am talking in this case, about a song which sounded […]


… or “when stepping forward it’s much less painful than stepping backward”! Depressing? Probably. Giving up? It may occur sometimes, I should say it, but time (as much as weather(1)), will be a good adviser…

“Orgizmo” stands for “Organizational gizmo” and it is an abbreviation just created by me to express a specific state of […]

Article 1

Human beings are very often wicked animals as, centuries after the fall of Roman Empire, we, the self-called humans, still have great fun watching the lyons in the coliseum enjoying a fine meat dish prepared “al momento”…

May the gods be with you, if they aren’t busy watching the European Football Championship 2008.


Think Global, Act Local

… a cliché like any other!! There hasn’t been a special reason for posting here in the last couple of months. There hasn’t been anything really intensive enough in my life to considerably shake up my existence and make me write down something here with passion or, else, with a tremendous lack of it. My […]


People use to say that a man is only complete and has fulfilled his mission in this world after he contributes for the generation of a child, he writes a book and plants a tree!

If we believe on this we are then supposed to realize we achieved the ultimate state of happiness in our […]