Marriage Sucks…

I’m an old fashion mid-age man. I will not then take into consideration in this post the marriage between homosexuals. In fact, if for some reason I was asked to give an opinion about that modern stuff called “same sex marriage” I would answer “no”. I know, it’s controversial but let me have the freedom […]

Brothers In Arms

My Vietnam is over. I’m counting already the minutes. Suddenly I thought I could go looking for the lyrics of that song from Dire Straits, “Brothers In Arms” (from the album with the same name, 1985), and add some more fantasy to this post. “My Vietnam” it’s a fantasy only. No dead bodies, no pain, […]

The Brazilian Cephalopod Syndrome -part 2

… or the “The Giant Squid”! This Sunday, October 29th the second round of Presidential elections will take place in Brazil. In one corner we’ll have the champion in title Lula da Silva and in the opposite corner will be the candidate to the title, Geraldo Alkmin. Once again I believe Lula will be the […]

Copii Romania

This song concerns the plight of Romania following the break up of the Soviet block, and the English subtitle was “Children Of Romania“. Les Holroyd (member of the band) donated all his proceeds to the fund for the orphan children of Romania. Lautari are gypsy violinists, and “the mighty Karpatii” are the Carpathian mountains.

I […]

The Brazilian Cephalopod Syndrome

Elections in Brazil are coming and today it’s already a great day: campaign is over!! What a pain in the ass is to live here in Salvador, Bahia, during electoral campaign for election of president, senator, governor and regional delegates (know more about Brazilian elections). After all these days listening to endeless hours of free […]

How many bananas do you have?

I am the intersection point of the three countries (Brazil-BR, Portugal-PT and Germany-DE) which are the target of my analysis in here. There’s a few other good reasons to form a triangle with these three countries but, because I’m convinced that nobody will really care about that, I just present one: there’s many bananas […]


Many of the steps given in our life drive us to build up the concept of fate and then, consequently, believe (not all of us) that fate drives our life. In fact, we spend a considerable time of our life assembling the traps which one day will trap us.

The beliefs of a man are […]

Farewell Mr. Cunhal…

Álvaro Barreirinhas Cunhal, born on November 10th, 1913, in Coimbra – Portugal, member of the Portuguese Comunist Party (PCP) since 1931 and its undeniable historical leader, died yesterday, June 13th, 2005.

A man’s beliefs or ideals should be no reason to make you closing your ears and eyes and not listen or see his […]