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This Foolish Northern Way


Top 10 Greedy For Power

Kim Jong-un

How to read the following table? It’s fundamental to:

be curious about the topic not to have home the same situation have some knowledge of world wide geopolitical issues realize that none of the actual Top 10 or previous ones happen to be democratic leaders be for democratic alternance[1] be aware that in democratic countries […]

Habemus Praesidēns !!!

Marcelo Rebelo Sousa

Running against very politically weak opponents, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa had to be elected the new president of Portugal. In fact, he was the only candidate with a solid political background. Furthermore, being 67 years old[1], very attached to one of the biggest political parties in Portugal[2], former government minister and member of parliament, law […]

April 25th, Forever

A special day[1]. A beautiful memory. Again and we are still free. What a great day…

Here below? A good test for people learning Portuguese language. In this special day, try a translation down here. Good luck !!

1974, April 25th, Carnation Revolution.

Jesus in Black -part 2

“A couple of millenniums ago the world was anxiously waiting for Jesus, The Savior. A couple of weeks ago, USA were expecting anxiously for Barack, The Savior. Poor him!”

That was the way I started six years ago a post named “Jesus in Black” by the time Mr. Barack Obama was elected the first African-American […]

Who’s Buying (in) Portugal?

This woman is also one of those female celebrities who gets on a plane and come to shop in Portugal…

Yet, this lady comes to buy Portugal itself !!! A financial company today, a communications company tomorrow, a couple of power company pieces after tomorrow… Maybe once in a while and during coffee breaks, just […]

Ladies First

In this season when much is being said about Islamim, and ancestral African traditions, and,… And… And… At least here in the west side of a clearly male-chauvinistic world it’s good to refresh memories, once in a while, as we also have our domestic violence, and gender apartheid,… And… And…

Another International Women’s Day…