Black Sea

All it was well when the simple nobodies we were had not to worry about if things would (or not) end well.

But then, Man discovered the black gold and fell deeply in love with the good and endless pleasures he could buy with it. All it was looking like happiness, all it was […]


I am in mourning[1] !!

In mourning for this country where love and respect for “old” parents and grand-parents, who frequently dye of hunger or coldness because they are totally forgotten throughout, exists no more. In mourning for this country where illness is no longer convenient because one’s money is no longer enough to […]

Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie

… but I am totally and clearly against any kind of terrorism, no matter where it comes from !!

A Land Of Dust And Mud

This little movie is intended to remind me of both good and bad times I spent in a small coast town in Angola, Africa, called SUMBE, state of Kwanza Sul.

I went there several times to teach in a technical school, where I met very nice kids and teachers who did their best to make […]

Seasons End

On the precise day when it will start a new FIFA World Cup, which is every four years supposed to be a high moment for football[1] lovers, there are a couple of world events which people will surely throw away to second, third or Nth plan while paying all attention to the huge amount of […]

Puzzled European Union

L’Europe social n’existe pas. L’Europe solidaire n’existe pas. L’Europe juste n’existe pas. L’Europe de l’egalité n’existe pas. L’Europe de la fraternité n’existe pas. L’Europe de la tolérance n’existe pas. L’Europe de la dignité n’existe pas. L’Europe de la transparence n’existe pas. L’Europe de la coopération n’existe pas. L’Europe de la stabilité n’existe pas. L’Europe politique […]

Nothing new in the East

What can a normal citizen of the so called peripheral Europe say about the invasion of Crimea by Russia? Nothing ! Any reaction will be a very personal one and not at all conditioned by any common European politics[1], regarding this new international incident in Europe…

Soviet Union never was a target of my admiration. […]

Keep Talking

Who said that all problems can be solved through discussion? They just can’t. As a matter of fact, many problems start exactly during discussion. Let’s say, because I am a basic and simple things lover, that we better keep our mouth shut if we’re not sure about what to say or, even better, if we […]