Art For Non Artists

This is it: a superb painting! What can I see on it? Or maybe through it? Or, who knows, over it? Or behind it? Maybe beyond it? Well, where does it drive me to?


I’ve Been Busy

I’ve been busy! Busy with my little problems which I always see as huge as elephants. Busy with my own life. Busy with others’ life as a function of my own. I’ve been busy…

Many of the “always busy” people are totally unable to organize themselves. Many of them are totally convinced that exposing themselves […]

Corpus Christi

Today we celebrate in Portugal the Corpus Christi (feast) day[1]! Due to current economical crisis, Portuguese government decided to remove this day from the list of the national holidays, starting this year, 2013.

Ok, fine! Less one holiday. A religious one. So what? Will we be more productive this way? Will this help attracting more […]

Mercy Street

Based on poem “45 Mercy Street”[1] by Anne Sexton, this song from Peter Gabriel[2] has a melody sounding as much dramatic as both lyrics and Anne Sexton’s life sound. Nevertheless, is powerful. I have realized, lately, that many people handle their daily dramas by digging and sinking deep in their own anguish. It seems that, […]

Labor Day

Frankly speaking? The only thing it occurs me in this Labor Day, 2013, is very much expressed by the following picture. I don’t feel much into political or social discussions. Much less those centered on arguments around if this is the Worker Day, the Labor Day or another brick on the wall…

Portugal sucks! Too […]

Who did What, Where, When and Why?

While we, Portuguese, are still struggling to find a solution for removing the mud and the shit which are already pretty close to reach our mouth and nose, it’s fair to refresh the memory of some preachers of the perfect behaviors, the good moral and best practices, from the so called EU core block[1], and […]

Solo le Pido a Dios

Reason to place here Mercedes Sosa? None! Should I have one?

Mercedes was born in 1935 and died in 2009. Seventy four years is time good enough to go through this meaningless life, to what everyone of us desperately tries to attach some meaning. No need to give life a meaning, don’t worry. Don’t let […]

Into The Wild -part 2

Societies may be classified in western, eastern, northern and southern ones. Right? Maybe not. Societies may be classified in rich and poor ones. Right? Maybe not. Societies may be classified in white, yellow, black and brown. Right? Maybe not. Societies may be classified as capitalist, candidate to capitalist or non-capitalist? Right? Maybe not…

Right after […]