Lusitana Beauty

Like in any other country, Portugal owns as well a lot of beautiful things which Portuguese are proud of showing to visitors from other countries. That is partly the purpose of this post. “Lusitana Beauty”[1] owes its name to the fact of Portugal was located in lands formerly called Lusitania, much before Portugal was born. […]

Into The Wild

Totally fed up of life? There are the ones going into the wild. There are the other standing up, down sometimes, in this civilized game of world’s owners called capitalism. One’s life can go from total happiness to total desperation. Reaching a reasonable balance it’s a hell of a job…

What to do if you […]

Between the Simple Complexity and the Complex Simplicity

Abstract art[1] is the result of a full time intellectual masturbation performed by complex brains populating this miserable world, where kids get into a movie theater and start shooting everybody[2] like they were shooting ducks during a regular hunting season. Masturbation is still much more practiced by men (who, according to women, are owners of […]

Poor man, rich man…

I could have written “Rich Man, Poor Man” but it would generate some confusion as some people would probably think about the American series with same name, which I followed decades ago from the first to the last episode! No, I don’t want to refer to that TV series. I just want to say something […]

Same shit, different flies

I wish I could say this applies only to Portugal but, unfortunately, not. Throughout Europe, the supposed one to be union, a deep political leadership crisis is on the running since a couple of decades with incompetent ministers following even more incompetent ones, election after election, yet with every successor proclaiming to be much better […]

The Fields Of Athenry

Impressive! Only this marvelous Irish people could be supporting their national football squad even when this one was being massacred by a much stronger squad like the Spanish one. Only seen and heard as told would be very hard to believe. Have a look at the UEFA Euro 2012 match, Spain vs. Ireland, on June […]

Not United Union -part 2

One after the other, EU member countries are falling down to the level of any common street beggar like the ones you can see in rich cities like New York or London. Our neighbors, Spain, are now going through an internal political and social ebullition after they asked EU for help to re-capitalize their banks. […]

We Need No Heroes!

For people like me, who knows Portuguese citizenship so well, it is not difficult to comprehend and accept arrogance of peoples like Americans or Germans. As a matter of fact, when a Portuguese tells a true story about him or herself, very often his/her role gets very much reinforced or, by other words, he or […]