Not United Union

Suddenly, I have decided to study, or at least refresh, a little bit about European Union as I, suddenly as well, have realized I am already a little bit lost regarding this mixture of countries under the designation of EU, all of them located in this (very) old territory called Europe.

Start from the beginning… […]

April 25th, forever…

Another Carnation Revolution celebration day! This time, things are pretty much different from previous years. Portugal’s independence is totally jeopardized, in danger, as we are now lead by other entities than ourselves.

Current wars, in Europe, are economical. We no longer fear the invasion by platoons and canons. We fear, the ones who fear[1], […]


Twelve months after, Portugal is still crossing the desert towards the hell. Self victimized country, owner of a hard to understand past oriented attitude, totally deprived of a national pride, owner of a huge identity which is not used for saving itself, Portugal is totally sunk in doubts, flip-flops and a very 3rd-world behavior which […]


There is a big difference between a good and a bad mockingbird: I can admire the first, I disdain the latter. However, peoples say “who disdains, wants to buy[1]“.

Running times are, for some cases, running fast, for other, running slow. It is nothing compared to a war scenario but we easily will get there […]

Sir Vitor Gaspar

Vítor Gaspar[1] graduated from the Faculty of Human Sciences, Portuguese Catholic University, in 1982. He received his Masters Degree and Doctorate in Economics from the Faculty of Economics, New University of Lisbon, in 1985 and 1988, respectively. The same university awarded him the academic title of «agregado» in 1992.


Madame… S’il vous plait!

When we are citizens of a tiny country, Portugal, which is seen worldwide as a geo-tectonic accident where a bunch of nerds got together without knowing how to read or to write, it is always very refreshing to our alter-ego to hear news like this one, where a high responsible for national health of its […]

S rkozy

I guess I am not clever enough to understand why French people removed an ‘A’[1] from the surname of Nicolas Sarkozy right after that group of financial games players, given by the name of Standard & Poor’s, lowered the credit rating of France from AAA to AA+. I don’t understand, but they must be right, […]

Working Off Holidays

Portugal, during its state of world garbage and while struggling to recover the respect from the financial world, is now in the middle of an interesting “religious vs. political” argument aiming the increase of the working time of Portuguese people. Said by simple words: a while after frau Angela Merkel has said that Portuguese talk […]