Shit happens!

May the Lord feel mercy for us. What a bullshit! The Lord refers to God but God it’s just the result of the fertile imagination of human beings… European Union is sunk in shit. What kind of project is this? Political? Economical? Spiritual? Just a nice wandering of European idealists projecting a strange and totally […]

The Northern Threaten -part 2

I do not believe that the vandalism taking place in England is caused by English people! I am pretty sure that all that violence is caused by north-Africans or south-Europeans spending vacations in that warm and sunny country, where that movement of choir boys called Hooliganism was born.


The Northern Threaten

Maybe not northern only! Maybe we should include central Europe as well…

The violent exhibition of a member from a self-called superior race, the Norwegian, which we are currently getting in touch with, is not really something separate from a context and it is definitely not the result of an individual act taken by a […]

How fragile we are…

We’re garbage[1]! Whether we already knew it or not, whether we wanted to know it or not, it won’t help much to shed tears on spilled blood.

I cannot imagine the economical power in force, headquartered in New York, USA, taking time and money to attack such a tiny and insignificant country like us, Portugal. […]

Songs Of Love And Hate

No Comments![1]

In English — I’ll remember it And Dublin in a rainstorm And sitting in the long grass in summer Keeping warm I’ll remember it Every restless night We were so young then We thought that everything We could possibly do were the right Then we moved Stolen from our very eyes And I […]


Times are getting hard. Hard times drive us sometimes to feel a tremendous wish for… uprising[1]! In this Portugal Day, of Luís de Camões and of the Portuguese Communities I dedicate this text to this tiny, not economically, politically and socially tidy country which is stuck between Spain and the Atlantic since 1143.

In Portuguese […]

Diary Of A Moribund Country -part 2

I’m sure there are many Portuguese over here who will not appreciate this text of mine but I really need to expel this pagan feeling of mine about Portuguese people: these elections[1] have confirmed that we really are some nerds and that for some reason, evidently scientific, the gods are not with us!

Let us […]

The Boys Of Lisbon -part 2

What is this boy doing? Is he competing with Queen Elisabeth in the contest for the better decoration jar in Politics of a nation? Or is he really believing that silence is the best weapon against the hysterical chicken talk of our actual politicians in the middle of the deepest crisis since the Carnation Revolution?