Diary Of A Moribund Country

Initially I did not want to give much relevance to Mr. Fernando Nobre here, but the guy is such an asshole that I cannot resist to talk about him again. The guy is an independent candidate to elections as a member of a political party, the social-democratic one. This Nobre is so noble[1] that he […]

Let’s leave Politics to politicians!


Who’s Afraid Of IMF?

There they are, the savors of third-world contries: IMF, International Monetary Fund. Before I start my thesis about who real fears the monster, I should say that it is not the first time Portugal is in troubles and it is not the first time the IMF comes here to save us… from ourselves. As a […]

The Boys of Lisbon.

Aren’t they cute? We owe them this ultimate state of evolution when a man has got no longer space or time to define his feelings for living in a broken country. Yep, when a man has even not got the single desire of talking about this amazing experience of living in a broken country. Here, […]

Independence Day

December 1st, 1640 – Finally Portuguese people manage to get rid of Spain after sixty years of occupation by our beloved neighbors (Portuguese Restoration War). December 1st, 2010, it is a good day to ask: how many people in my country know why is it the day of today a national holiday? Not as many […]

Farm Of Opportunities

No, not wandering about USA. Not this time. Simply about this tiny country which happen to be given by the name of Portugal, where originality is not a special skill but, at least, where making copies sometimes happens to be a kind of talent.

Here I am, back to Idols (see my post here) after […]

Self-Trapped –part 3

51st constellation, year 2010 – Five years after the part one of this topic (read it here), I have realized how important for me would be to find the escape[1]. Many events during my stay in Brazil, from 2005 to 2007, and many other after it, have made me understand how (too) close I am […]

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

… or, some mistakes a leader should never make! In some corporations, there is a bunch of leaders[1] with very poor concepts of delegation, communication, team work, assertiveness and so on. Roughly speaking, a good leader is somebody succeeding to drive his team towards previously defined goals by using the less possible resources[2]. For instance, […]