2010 FIFA World Cup

I have been thinking about three trivial questions involving 2010 FIFA World Cup:

Why was South Africa, a country leading Apartheid practices where the sport king is rugby and cricket, was chosen to be the stage for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, a football (soccer) tournament? Why is FIFA against the intervention by governments, like […]

Fix you…

There are people suffering. There are people screaming. There are people struggling. There are people praying. There are people singing. There are people talking. There are people surviving. There are people dying. There are people going down. There are people getting desperate. There are people disguising. There are people starving. There are drunken husbands hitting […]

Peter Steps Rabbit


Stop Being Accomplice!

Following text was received by email, sent by my friend Mr. Edvale[1]. I have assumed he would like me to translate it to English and place it in my blog. If that was the case, it was my pleasure!

You gotta know that:

regular workers in Portugal (the ones still keeping their job) earn approximately […]

Springs In Arses

Let’s start from the beginning: a “spring” is a metal elastic device that returns to its shape or position when pushed, pulled or pressed. The word “arse” refers to ass, buttocks (British Slang) or someone who is stupid or repulsive (British Slang). Altogether, “Springs In Arses” is a deep[1] sociologic study about those arses wearing […]

Fish ‘n’ Chips? No thanks!

Porto, February 17th – I took my 14 years old son to the cathedral of my hometown’s sport club: “O Estádio do Dragão”. My favorite football team, F.C. Porto, was playing against Arsenal F.C., from London, UK, the first round of eighth-final for the UEFA Champions League. I had promised to my son, some time […]

Mockery & Badmouth Ballads…

… because we are descending from Gil Vicente!

Naah, this is not 3rd-world… yet! I guess the politicians in 3rd-world countries like Venezuela are much more oriented to provoking USA than oriented to soap operas performed by TV pivots protected by respective husbands or wives placed in top management positions of TV channels or by […]

No Idols, No Convenience Shops!!

I remember I really did not like clowns. I still do not. This might have any meaning and surely has had impact on my personality build up, ever since. Today, I still keep in my mind some loosen past images from the time I was a kid and, here and there, was getting into a […]