Hello world! Again…

Roaming, free the speech is back but now with a new name, Zé Barbosa’s, and reshaped !!

New look, new structure. This blog will be just a bunch of articles of opinion about different topics and, additionally, a couple of things more about Zé Barbosa’s hometown and country. The internet radio nRP no longer resides […]

The End

This is to inform that blog section of this web site ends today! No further posts will be written. Our thanks to readers who dedicated some time of their lives to Roaming, free the speech…

Ten Years After

In the beginning, ten years ago, it was the “Hello Guys”, a form very close to “Hello World” which was an expression very frequently used for testing scripts, for example on Perl. Those were my first steps in the blogs’ world, with just a little knowledge of the WordPress platform and not much more knowledge […]


From today on, a box in our right sidebar called `Free The Speech`. Free for all. Whatever one’s mind commands when passing by…

SHOUTBOX is, let’s say, the technical name for a box in a website where visitors can freely “shout” up and out anything without any kind of censorship. It’s a kind of a […]

Videos currently not working !!

This is to inform that single video-clips placed in posts and pages in this blog are currently not running! This is due to a bug in the new version (2.1.10) of JW Player plugin for WordPress, which is not accepting video filenames containing the dash character.

We hope to resolve this issue as soon as […]

Blog upgrade

Today, during this blog’s theme upgrade to version 3.7.12 (Atahualpa) we’ve run into troubles due to a database crash. Thanks to support of Bluehost.com we have been able to recover all data. At least we think so…

Once again, let us know if you find anything missing or wrong in this blog. Thanks!


Let’s give a try to Google Translate

Google is huge! After years long resistance, Google Translate code was included in this blog. All texts here can be now translated from original language (English) to any other made available by Google. See down here (page footer) the form to select your language preference like this:

( click this image to go to […]

Revamping This Blog’s Code

Code of this blog, PHP, is being revamped and might have failed in some parts of it. Because this is already a big blog (with hundreds of posts and pages) we kindly ask you to leave here a word (hyperlink ‘Comment This’ here below) case you see a missing image, music, link and so on.