Trumping My Mind

North-Americans are, individually, proud humans. An endless pride fills up their souls right since the very tender age when they really can process the messages from their parents. Very early in their lives, they hear stories about the grandiosity of their country. They learn that World only survives because USA exists. They learn that big people must protect little people. They learn that protection must be paid, not necessarily with money but with subservience. They learn that the World must worship the great USA and fill thankful for the grandiosity of USA. They learn that in the World, this world composed by all of us the humans, there is USA and there is… the other!

Europe, a region of the World which is not well known by North-Americans but about what they feel the same respect every young person feels for elder people, is one of the major responsibles for the enormous pride of North-Americans. Second World War was a significant sign given by Europeans to USA that the World without them is not able to live in peace and welfare. Europe gave all space to USA to grow up even more since then and to control World economy at the rythm of their huge industrial and commercial corporations. Huge World organizations like United Nations, OECD, NATO, IMF are since then totally controlled by USA. They are big, yes. And being so, they have turned themselves to be great, the great federation and nation given by the name of United States of America.

Donald Trump, was a child no more no less the same as every other North-American little child. I guess! Well, not every North-American child gets to be member of The World’s Billionaires list from business magazine Forbes but that is not my point yet. The point now is the pride who dresses every North-American since birth and makes of him an arrogant human, a creature much beyond the normal parameters of a… normal human! Exactly, Donald Trump is an one hundred per cent North-American, born and grown under and over the same principles, the means and the ends, just like any other descendent of the Britains sent to the NEw World in century XVIII. He is! Yes, he is. Oh, how North-American he is…

The part I have not understood yet is why is people, all over, afraid of a possible success in his run to presidency of US! Why? US citizens, afraid of a faithful product of themselves? Why? Isn’t he a successful man, rich like hell exactly like how North-Americans love, with the very same principles, virtues and deffects as any other North-American already elected in former times? Isn’t he? He is, I’m sure he is. Donald Trump is as good as McDonald’s, Coca Cola, the Vietnam war, the Korea war, the Ku Klux Klan, the South fighting the North in century XIX to keep black slavery legal, the Watergate in 70’s[1], the witch-hunt in early fifties[2], the Microsoft, the poverty of forgotten states in US, the “Miserere mei, Deus” in never and ever shown corners from a huge territory generally dominated by the strength of guns,…

Trumping our minds is nothing less, nothing more than preparing ourselves to another strong character of what we, humans, are and always will essentially be. We do suck, indeed. We’re sick, we’re disgusting. We have taken from I don’t know where this need of transforming in trash whatever we touch. We’re mean. We’re violent. We’re envious. We’re totally dominated for this unstoppable need of turning everybody around us our slaves, our servants. What’s wrong with Donald Trump then?

Nothing, just another game of thrones…

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