Bye, bye UK

They were never that much UNITED, were they? An almost “fifty-fifty”[1] decision to leave a club which they entered on their own free will? I’m afraid these results point much more to a divided country, don’t they?. But, let me ask, they hadn’t a pistol pointed to their heads when they entered European Community in 1973, had they?

Britain leaves the EU

Union and United are words British can’t understand. Britain is not united because Ireland, Scotland[2] and Wales wished it. They have been “united” just because England has been militarily more powerful than the other states. And even all these years since 73 there was not a real Union in Europe cause Britain has been always an outsider inside!

Let them go, if happiness is what they’re pursuing. If they really know what happiness is! I have my doubts because I don’t see any chance of happiness being a fact on people living on this “proudly alone” attitude…

May the gods save the queen…

  1. In fact 51.9% pro BRexit, 48.1% pro BRemain.
  2. The results here were 38% pro BRexit, 62% pro BRemain.

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