Guess where…

The challenge? Guess where. Where was this picture taken?

Lobster, tiger-shrimp and fish. The wine? A Portuguese “rosé”. The word “rosé” means not red, nor white. A color pretty much close to pink. One of the four colors of wine: red, white, “rosé” and green. Yes, green (Vinho Verde). A very much specific Portuguese wine, “verde” in the original language.

Mateus (wine)” is a best-seller of Portuguese wines. It’s in the world market since ever. A powerful marketing operation decades ago has spread all over a wine which is seen beyond borders as one of the best wines from Portugal. It is not, definitely. It is maybe a medium-low quality one. If we are talking about real wine. However, if we are talking about a mild beverage with contours of wine, then it is a good liquid to kill thirst. And here, in the place where this picture was taken, it’s the only one they know. No wonder, alcohol is not very much welcome in this land. Nor beef…

Where is this?

A meal in Chennai

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