Monte dos Amigos

Pangasius on the hill of friends…

I get upset when people do not believe I can cook. What the heck…?? What kind of face does it take to make people believe we can cook? My mother said one day “Zé, I’ll teach you how to cook, we never know if one day you get alone without a woman to hold you.” It is the case! And since I cannot afford to eat out every day, I cook for myself. And I do delights from another world. I do. Period! But in this post I just wanted to talk about “Monte dos Amigos”[1]

I love Alentejo. Good wine, good people, good environment. “Monte dos Amigos” is a super nice wine from Alentejo which convinced me. Such as the “hills”[2], Alentejo version of housing or rural tourism, did because it has long been my favorite option for holidays.

The fish? Known in Portugal as catfish, in Angola, where I met it, as Pangasius. It is a fish considered food for poors in Portugal. But I can not resist to the taste of the said whose. I do not know how to explain. Just like when I like a woman, I do not know (nor do I want to) explain. I’m just for to be delighted…

Spaghetti or “esparguete”[3] is just the same, as anywhere in the world (here in this picture only cooked in salt and water). Now, what I do not reveal is the “mistela”[4] next to the spaghetti and the catfish. Simply divine…

I get upset when people do not believe I can cook…

Monte dos Amigos
  1. Freely translated, hill of friends.
  2. The word in Portuguese is “monte” and is the first word of the designation of many official lodging spaces in Alentejo. Eg: Monte das Pedras Negras.
  3. Portuguese translation for spaghetti.
  4. Portuguese slang for mixture.

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