Dating sites reviews -p3

And Monika Brown, one of the thousands of fake profiles in, continues:

Thanks for your response, i am glad to meet a man who want a long term relationship. I am ready to build a relationship that will be permanent. . I was brought up in a farm house, maybe this tells why i know much about animals. I have only had the chance to love once in my life and the man i loved live in Canberra.We got separated when i visited him in Canberra and he left me out in the cold, he lied to me about another woman, since then i have run away from the internet.
I need a man who is mature who is ready to care and love me.I joined the Australian in 2010 just to keep my boring life busy but unfortunately life have been more boring at the camp base here in Humboldt .

i came here for the 2 to 3 weeks intelligent training in Humboldt and would like to meet you if you are ready before we leave here in the next 2 weeks ,…please tell me more about your work, life and your love experience..can you send some pics?

Very often, there is drama in the stories they tell. Girls forced by the father to move to Africa, abandoned by cruel boyfriends, in the army so far away in hostile countries… Stories don’t change much from girl to girl. The common point is: they all are caucasian, beautiful girls with well treated skin and hair and prominent breasts. Yes, breasts. Exactly, that amazing creation in women moving men around the world, by foot, no matter how far they have to go.

Well, this Monika hasn’t been much provided with generous breasts but you’ve been warned anyway…

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