Killing for pleasure

Between the terrorism in Manchester, UK, passing through the long lasting war in Syria, and the total madness of Kim Jong-un, the world is crazy, I must say. Agitation is total. Tension is growing up. As days pass, we are more and more a barrel of gunpowder with a short fuse lookalike. I definitely do not believe that human kind is, by nature, something good. No, it is not. On the contrary, we are born mean, evil, bad, nasty, wicked, nefarious, felonious, abject and with a strong inclination to killing, hurting, dominating by cruel force, getting pleasure from other’s suffering.

Is there any other species hurting for pleasure? It seems other species kill for self-protection, for surviving. Other species follow the natural order of things. We not. We kill for power. We kill for pleasure. We kill for killing…

We’re our worst own enemy…

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