Sine Die

Is the normal behavior of many human beings. Going, living, seeing, thinking without a deadline. Commitment is a heavy word for a bunch of people. Might, maybe, “we never know”, “who knows?” are very much frequently used words. And the Portuguese are not exclusive owners of this behavior. Oh no, I have seen much worse people all over…

The Portuguese expression “obra de Santa Engrácia[1]” points to the “sine die[2]” behavior. We have an expression for it, we are a little bit lazy, yes I agree, but “siesta” is not our daily practice and things may happen slow but they happen. In some other countries, same things don’t even start or if they start, everybody already knows they will never end. On the other side, northern European countries for instance, things happen very fast on the basis of a very high stressy life. Stress may kill and that brings me to an interesting question: do we really have to do everything in our life in a hurry?

Capitalism wants us to be good and fast. Faster means more goods in less time. More goods in less time means more money in less time. More money in less time means more power to generate more goods in less time. And so on, and so on, and so on until we break and that power replaces us very fast by someone else younger and full of energy to be part of the mechanism called… capitalism. Is that what we call happiness?

“Sine Die” is no part of my preferences. I rather don’t start anything than start it for nothing. I rather start something knowing the deadline. Work for achieving it. Fight for it. Yeah, I’m a son of a bitch for the fans of Saint Engratia’s works but I’m happy being like so. Yeah, that’s right, I also don’t have many friends for being like so…

As an exception, I wish my death could be “sine die”…

  1. Saint Engratia’s works, in English (see Church of Santa Engrácia). The expression exists due to an odd fact in Portuguese history: a church dedicated to Saint Engratia which construction started in year 1568 and ended only 350 years later.
  2. Latin expression meaning endless or unkown deadline.

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