Oh What A World Of Pretenders

While Nicolás Maduro tries to reach the poll-position for the world race of odd characters, where Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are standing for long, the world keeps being populated by normal people pretending to love what they do daily.

I don’t like what I’m doing, in every day of my life. I’m bored. Saturated. Getting a new nausea for every very same scene I see everyday. The same faces. The same smiles. The same laughs. The same truths, The same lies. The same news. The same humor. The same pain. The same joy. And I am pretending…


This picture is a courtesy of Dilbert.com

Pretending pays. It’s very often the only way to go if we want to keep us live and, preferrably, minimally happy.
Oh what a world of pretenders we’re living in…

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