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Travelling Abroad

Some flashes from all over where money was able to take me to and to where I was able to carry my faithful digital camera with me. Nothing more than registering travel moments to get them remembered...


Towns, villages, monuments, buildings, objects and people from this tiny country very much stuck between Spain and Atlantic ocean. All this with no art in mind. Just a guide for simple people attracted by simple places...

Porto, Portugal

My home town! If other reason there wasn't, this would be good enough. Old, gray, quiet, full of history. This is a way of showing the many corners of an ancient town with its own charm and with no photo art in mind.


A bit here, a bit there, a bit wherever there was something I have tried to freeze in time... Every shot meant to be a special moment without commitments. Some are supposed to be weird, some have caused any kind of surprise or simply a momentary smile.
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