About This Gallery

So, what the heck is all this?

This photo gallery is the image side of the blog “Ze Barbosa’s” and has no other hidden purpose than the singular one of just being a collection of photos taken by our editors. Be aware, that any freedom assumed in this blog never goes beyond the reasonable respect for our readers sensitivity.

Either we call them parts, pieces or whatever you, the watcher, wish to call them, here are stored the bricks used to build our editors’ life[1]. Every photographer sees his photography object on his very own way. The hard part comes after: making his camera to reproduce what he is feeling, much more than what he is seeing. Enjoy the photos, live originals of failed attempts to be a photographer.

Leave a comment if you care[2]


All photos here are originals[3] and not PhotoShop handled. However, some photos may have been submitted to little “dirt” removal like black dots or red eyes. Meaning, everything on behalf of a pure amateur attitude…

This gallery contains the following rooms:

  • Fragments – the photos deserving a silly comment!
  • Porto – what else? It’s our home town where we have been living since decades. The idea is to let visitors know a little bit of this century aged town.
  • Portugal – Porto’s mother and father! It should be said that it’s not more beautiful than other countries but it owns its own peculiarity.
  • Traveling abroad – shots taken like any other tourist would do.
  • Guests – the ones borrowed from our friends. If you’re our friend and would like to show here your master pieces, you just gotta to persuade us…

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This is a public thanks to the great WordPress plugin which we use to show our photos. It’s called WP Photo Album Plus, or simply WPPA+, and you may find it here for download. If, on other hand, you wish to visit the author’s website, you should click here.

  1. The ones who love photography, of course!
  2. If you register in this blog you may comment every photography shown.
  3. The black and white photos in this very same page showing male and female nudes are a courtesy from AllPosters.com where you can find and buy many more interesting images used to build posters.

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