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For the Americans (USA) and similar, this page is about that sport where players use their feet to drive and control the ball. Yes, that very same game where if the players try to play the ball with their hands, the referee strongly blows his whistle while showing a face of little friendship. I wonder why Americans call “football”[1] to their game if in fact they play it mainly with hands…

Football was invented by the British around year 1860. British have been in Portugal for centuries (since Napoleon invasion) and their legacy, still prevailing nowadays among us, is: the Port Wine and football! Football was first introduced in Portugal in 1875 and is a national sport since then. Meanwhile, we have replaced the English word «football» by its current Portuguese form «futebol» (almost pronounced as in English).

Regarding our football, let me say that our players play it very nicely and it is probably one of the most beautifully played in the world. Our football players are quite able to please you with dazzling dribbles and other stunning artistic ornaments whether we are speaking about the club’s or the national’s team. It’s true, very, very true! We really play it nice. Due to that, we are since years exporting good football players and coaches to other clubs in the world. The black side of this story is that, despite all that individual art, our national team never won any European (UEFA) or World (FIFA) championship! For compensation, teams like FC Porto, SL Benfica and Sporting CP have done nice things in UEFA competitions.

Organizational Structure

Regarding football, there are two major football institutions ruling running competitions in Portugal:

  • FPF, Federação Portuguesa de Futebol[2], founded in 1916, affiliated to FIFA in 1923 and to UEFA in 1954. Its headquarters are in Lisboa. It manages all football competitions except professional ones.
  • LPFP, Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Profissional[3], founded in 1978. Its headquarters are in Porto. It manages following competitions:
    • League ZON Sagres
    • Second League
    • League Cup

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Relevant teams

The most relevant football clubs in Portugal are (click on logos to go to their official websites)[4]:

Primeira Liga


ThumbWeb – OP351net

The most relevant sport newspapers in Portugal are:

Funny thing related to these newspapers is the fact that Portuguese people connote these newspapers to SL Benfica, FC Porto and Sporting CP, respectively.

  1. American name for the football played everywhere else is “soccer”.
  2. Portuguese Football Federation.
  3. Portuguese Professional Football League.
  4. Notice that shown jerseys may not be updated as they may vary in every season.

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