Damn it !! Hungry and angry…

What if you have a dinner or a lunch, or a lunch and dinner and after all you’re still thinking about a … Francesinha? The best sandwich in the world? Who cares? I not… I just care about those frequent moments in my life when I miss it, I really do and I need to go there, make it happen on my table together with a big Portuguese beer[1] and… good company!

May the gods appreciate it too…

The queen of sandwiches...
  1. Normally a “caneca” or, in other words, half a litre of Super Bock.

Black Sea

All it was well when the simple nobodies we were had not to worry about if things would (or not) end well.

But then, Man discovered the black gold and fell deeply in love with the good and endless pleasures he could buy with it. All it was looking like happiness, all it was looking like gold over blue.

Until one day, when Man found that blue seas he used to cross in the hope of finding new worlds were no longer blue! They had become black. As black as human mind can be when powered by greediness.

Man realized then that he had found a new world. A world of convenient blindness before his total incapacity for getting back to the times when the simple nobodies we were had not to worry about if things would (or not) end well.

This film is my tribute to petrodollar, the black power driving mankind since decades !! This film is a hymn to our extreme ability for self-destruction and for justifying it nice and wisely…


I invite all human beings to keep filling up pockets of all big petrol companies on a free mind basis and with no constraints. For that, for instance, all people must work hard to the sales increase of cars and all other transportation means depending on petrol.

I invite all people to daily use their car and drive it every morning and evening to/from work selecting the upper gear possible.

I invite all people to protest against any action from governments to find and develop alternative energies coming from sun, wind, biomass, etc.

I invite all people to require from their governments severe laws against organizations filling up the brain of their children with silly ideas against mankind welfare provided by petrol.

I invite all people to reinforce, by all means, every where and when possible, the idea that “black is beautiful” and blue (of skies and oceans) belongs to fortunately gone times of little comfort and hard body efforts…

All this, in the name of my favorite and most valuable mind and spirit value: coherency !!!

Sincerely Yours,
Zé Barbosa

Video created by Zé Barbosa with images freely distributed in Internet.
Soundtrack by MUSE, “Shine Acoustic”, for no special reason.

Enlighten Me

… during those very frequently happening moments when it looks like not existing the right track. In those moments when love is just a mirage in a desert of feelings. In those hours when tears seem to be the only relief. While crossing long minutes of forced solitude. During occasional hesitations about regrets. While corroded by frustration. Crushed by endless emptiness. Undesired silences…

May the gods be with you…

Em Português

Gosto de ti como quem gosta do sábado
Gosto de ti como quem abraça o fogo
Gosto de ti como quem vence o espaço
Como quem abre o regaço
Como quem salta o vazio
Um barco aporta no rio
Um homem morre no esforço
Sete colinas no dorso
E uma cidade p’ra mim

Gosto de ti como quem mata o degredo
Gosto de ti como quem finta o futuro
Gosto de ti como quem diz não ter medo
Como quem mente em segredo
Como quem baila na estrada
Vestido feito de nada
As mãos fartas do corpo
Um beijo louco no Porto
E uma cidade p’ra ti

Enquanto não há amanhã
Enquanto não há amanhã

Gosto de ti como uma estrela no dia
Gosto de ti quando uma nuvem começa
Gosto de ti quando o teu corpo pedia
Quando nas mãos me ardia
Como o silêncio na guerra
Beijos de luz e de terra
E num passado imperfeito
Um fogo farto no peito
E o mundo longe de nós

Enquanto não há amanhã
Enquanto não há amanhã

In English

I like you as those who like Saturday
I love you as one who embraces the fire
I like you as who overcomes the space
As anyone who opens the lap
As anyone who jumps the gap
A boat docks on the river
A man dies in effort
Seven hills on the back
And a city for me

I love you as one who kills the exile
I love you as one who dribbles the future
I love you as if one says not to be afraid
Like who lies in secret
As one who dances on the road
Dress made of nothing
The hearty hands of the body
A mad kiss in Porto
And a city for you

While there is no tomorrow
Enlighten me
Enlighten me
While there is no tomorrow
Enlighten me
Enlighten me

I love you like a day star
I like you when a cloud begins
I love you when your body asked
When in my hands was burning up
As the silence in the war
Kisses of light and land
And in an imperfect past
A hearty fire in the chest
And the world far away from us

While there is no tomorrow
Enlighten me
Enlighten me
While there is no tomorrow
Enlighten me
Enlighten me

by Pedro Abrunhosa
“Ilumina-me”, in Coliseu do Porto(live), © 2011
Subtitles created and translated to English by Zé Barbosa[1].
Video clip with original front photo from our gallery.
  1. SRT subtitles file created with the freeware and open source editor Subtitles Edit which you can download here.


I am in mourning[1] !!

In mourning for this country where love and respect for “old” parents and grand-parents, who frequently dye of hunger or coldness because they are totally forgotten throughout, exists no more. In mourning for this country where illness is no longer convenient because one’s money is no longer enough to buy medicines or where dying forgotten on a stool or litter in some hospital emergency, throughout, might be taken as normality. In mourning for this country where the set of professional options is no more no less than emigration. In mourning for the total lack of true political and social activism on young and less young people, on men and women, on students and workers.

In mourning for a country every day more and more close of having no identity at all, if it ever has found one. In mourning for a country where every day is more relevant the richness of appearances than the poorness of spirit already crashing us from that very moment when we seated for waiting for our happiness coming out one day, from a misty morning…

In mourning for a country…

Free 4 You: “Pois que Deus assim o quis”, Setima Legiao ( download to be played on Winamp )
  1. See this post written in Portuguese from Facebook.

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Photos of common criminals killed in France today, by French police.

Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie

… but I am totally and clearly against any kind of terrorism, no matter where it comes from !!

Twenty Fifteen

Many things came up into my mind, before and after the twelve clangs. The first one is the goal for this new year: same as before! Kind a “winning team shouldn’t be changed” or “better same than none”. It can be taken as stepping forward one, followed by stepping back the same but life is quite often a succession of nothings. So let’s keep eating soup without making noise. Otherwise we may wake up little monsters we rather let them asleep…

I own no expectations at all regarding this twenty fifteen. For the first time in my life I didn’t drink champagne while formulating my wishes for the new year. Super original, I should say. I hope this originality really pays because I really need a superb year this time. The last ones have been a big pain in my ass despite my effort to make of life something really worthy. Well, I’ve had some compensations here and there but nothing really touching or even close the jackpot. That’s it, I need to get a jackpot…

Till then, diet, less alcohol, very much more physical exercise and above all… wisdom!
And may the gods be with me…