Seasons End

On the precise day when it will start a new FIFA World Cup, which is every four years supposed to be a high moment for football[1] lovers, there are a couple of world events which people will surely throw away to second, third or Nth plan while paying all attention to the huge amount of football matches starting today:

  • the riots in Brazil, against the money spent by the government in the organization of that event
  • the robbery of Ukraine’s territories by Russia and the pre-war tension in that country
  • the reborn war situation in Iraq

Not speaking about the sad near future of 140 Portuguese journalists who will be fired very soon by the Portuguese multimedia company ControlInveste. I would say that 140 Portuguese families will start soon suffering from that tremendous anxiety always caused by unemployment. But… what’s the life of a couple of journalists and their families from Portugal compared to the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Peanuts!

Our concerns about human rights and human welfare are in general season-dependent! Events like the FIFA World Cup have been created to please humanity in general or to make even richer the ones already very rich? Hard to know! Brazilian people are using visibility of 2014 FIFA World Cup to call world’s attention to misery of millions of Brazilians. But misery in Brazil exists since Brazil itself exists[2]! Being a FIFA World Cup usually seen as a good social and economical profit to countries organizing it, I wonder if this is the right timing for Brazilians protesting against a misery nobody seems to care about in normal seasons…

Any attempt to guess how will humanity end or if it will ever end it’s a pure game for working out human mind. We love gaming, generally speaking. Gaming is something considered very much mental health oriented, therefore people is very often motivated to play games. The type of games it’s not what it matters here but the satisfaction we get for gaming. Because we feel very often attracted to danger too, we play quite a lot dangerous games. Games, where much frequently our own life is the price. And what can we do about it? Well, this is the matter we are made of and I’m afraid nothing in or on us can change it. Would it be better to spend our lives thinking about dramas and tragedies? Of course not! We wouldn’t survive for long. Fortunately for us, the intelligent form of life in this planet, we can live outstanding experiences where, for instance, we have Brazil’s people misery on one hand, and millionaire salaries earned by just a couple of football players which could take some Brazilian families off misery for a long while, on the other hand. This is a modern way of living, this is how we feel live, alive and happy. And if guessing how will humanity end or if it will ever end is some kind of an harsh game for some, they can always let those predictions to octopuses[3], pandas, guinea pigs, elephants or any other kind of less intelligent form of life…

Marillion have never been able to get away from the shadow caused by fame of Genesis (band). But Marillion have great themes which deserve my attention. Mainly in “gray” days like today when I wake up with my head full of confusing thoughts about the beginning and the end of good and bad seasons. I would say I prefer to pretend I am happy with myself and with the world because I will have lots of minutes ahead for watching a sport, football, I do like watch and liked very much to play some years ago. This attitude is called survival and is very common to almost every human being. Survival makes us to organize our life in seasons, hopefully very well defined and, preferably, very well seasoned.

This post is dedicated to the citric side of life…

In English

Getting close to seasons end
I heard somebody say
That it might never snow again
In England

Snow flakes in a new-born fist
Sledging on a hill
Are these things we’ll never see
In England

We’ll tell our children’s children why
We grew so tall and reached so high
We left our footprints in the earth
And punched a hole right through the sky

We’ll tell them how we changed the world
And how we tamed the sea
And seasons they will never know
In England

So watch the old world melt away
A loss regrets could never mend
You never miss it till it’s gone
So say goodbye, say goodbye

We’ll tell our children’s children why
We grew so tall and reached so high
You never miss it till it’s gone
So say goodbye, say goodbye
To seasons end

Em Português

Ao approximar-me do fim das estações
Ouvi alguém dizer
Que talvez nunca mais neve novamente
Em Inglaterra

Flocos de neve num punho recém-nascido
Deslizando colina abaixo
São imagens que nunca mais veremos
Em Inglaterra

Diremos aos filhos de nossos filhos porque
Ficámos tão altos e chegámos tão longe
Deixámos as nossas pegadas na terra
E esburacámos o céu

Vamos contar-lhes como mudámos o mundo
E como domámos os mares
E sobre as estações que nunca conhecerão
Em Inglaterra

Assistamos ao velho mundo a desaparecer
Uma perda que remorsos nunca poderão compensar
Nunca sentimos falta de algo até que desapareça
E então dizemos adeus, dizemos adeus

Diremos aos filhos de nossos filhos porque
Ficámos tão altos e chegámos tão longe
Nunca sentimos falta de algo até que desapareça
E então dizemos adeus, dizemos adeus
Ao fim das estações

by Marillion
Seasons End, in Seasons End, © 1989
Translation to Portuguese by Zé Barbosa.
Video clip with original front photo from our gallery.
  1. Some people call it “soccer”.
  2. Actually, Brazilians still blame Portugal for this constant misery. Can you imagine? Brazil got its independence in 1822, meaning, one hundred ninety two years ago. Almost two centuries after, are Portuguese still responsible for the miserable situation of around 70% of Brazil’s population? Huummm…
  3. See Paul the Octopus.


Between the is and the should be.
Between the was and the shouldn’t have been.
Between the she and the other.
Between the concept and the preconception.
Between the parenthood and progenitorhood[1].
Between the social and the individual.
Between the pleasure and the pain.
Between the will be and the shall be.
Between the stones and the flowers.
Between the friends and the friendship.
Between the floods and the drops.
Between the love and the be loved.
Between the desire and the be desired.
Between the space and the time.
Between the yesterday and the tomorrow.

May the gods be with you…

Free 4 You: “Entangled”, Genesis ( download to be played on Winamp )
  1. A pure linguistic exercise in a language which is not mine. Why not?

Puzzled European Union

L’Europe social n’existe pas.
L’Europe solidaire n’existe pas.
L’Europe juste n’existe pas.
L’Europe de l’egalité n’existe pas.
L’Europe de la fraternité n’existe pas.
L’Europe de la tolérance n’existe pas.
L’Europe de la dignité n’existe pas.
L’Europe de la transparence n’existe pas.
L’Europe de la coopération n’existe pas.
L’Europe de la stabilité n’existe pas.
L’Europe politique n’existe pas.
L’Europe de l’état de droit n’existe pas.

European Union

Sur les élections pour les 751 députés du Parlement Européen, le Dimanche, 25 de Mai?
J’ai déjà voté…

2014 FIFA World Cup -PT squad

There they are, the twenty three Portuguese football[1] players named by Paulo Bento, the coach, to make part of the Portuguese national squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Any choice, from whoever about whatever, always is both a good and bad choice! So, let’s wait, see and enjoy it the best we can…

by Portuguese Football Federation
Portuguese football squad for FIFA World Cup in 2014.
Video clip it’s only a presentation of players’ names and pictures.
  1. Soccer, for USA and similar countries…

2014 FIFA World Cup

On the Road…

And the Portuguese squad is there. Again! This time in Group G together with United States, Germany, and Ghana.

Don’t miss Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, João Moutinho, Fábio Coentrão, Pepe, Rui Patrício, Paulo Bento (coach) and many other…

4 16Jun 13:00h
Salvador . BRAZIL
2 22Jun 18:00h
Manaus . BRAZIL
2 26Jun 13:00h
Brasilia . BRAZIL
Local time[1] where match takes place.
Mouseover flags to see country name.
  1. TIMES in PORTUGAL: Boston+5, New Jersey+5, Salvador+4, Manaus+5, Brasilia+4.

C’est vraiment trop injuste…


  1. Calimero, a cartoon character making part of my Imaginary!

The Undesired Return

I hate the act of returning. As far I remember, every possible return it’s not a choice of my own will. Gone times are always gone forever, at least it’s what I wish them to be. This undesired return hurts me quite a lot. How I wish it wasn’t happening…

Every time I travel away, through this world out, I never want to visit monuments. Old churches, old monasteries, old castles, old mansions, old bridges are more than old, they are the past. I do not appreciate at all to waste my time watching a bunch of stones very often out of order by the power of time or by the destructive power of human kind. I do hate to be invited to visit museums! Museums are the past. And visits to the past are very seldom a choice of my own will. I rather fight for choices of my own will. Because I own a will…

When I visit a place somewhere in the world I spend my energies watching people. Yes, people. Not stones. People! Who they are, how many they are, where are they going to, what are their expectations. Their hopes. What makes them be this or that. How do they see me, they feel me, they address their sentiments to me as a person, a man, a Portuguese, a visitor. Because to be a visitor in a foreign place matters…

The places I’ve visited are still residing in my memory. In the deepest layer of my memory. In the dead archive, almost. Memories have had their time. Memories are just memories. Nevertheless, once in a while my brain is stimulated to remember. Only then those memories come up to the stage just for the time they serve my present. This is the point: my present! My now. My actual. My currently…

The return to a past I wished not to visit is a sign of weakness. Success is the ability of defining goals and achieve them. Everything out of that is the unsuccess, the failure, the inability to succeed. Not defining goals is failure. Defining and not achieving them is failure. Returning to where I didn’t want to return is failure. I am failing, though.

Returning to where? To the most profound thoughts of childhood where nobody should be pushed to get back. Questionable? Sure. My argument lies on the belief that life is so damned short that getting back to our childhood it’s just like wasting the life we were given the right to live. We are anyhow somewhat protected by the firmware we were born with, which makes us to forget almost everything before we were six or seven years old. In fact, I’ve no idea if we forget or we are not able to save the steps of our life before we are six! Not relevant, anyway, and fortunately we will not waste time with memories of an age we surely would not be very much proud of. Human children are very much flimsy, brain and body wise. We really start being something much later. Let’s say somewhere around fifteen, sixteen…

Where does my present is touching my past, in this undesired return? Precisely at the very same point where I already said, in one of my posts, that for our own sake we should never meet at: the sense of life! This is, of course, only true for those humans who had that concern where they were teenagers. Normally, when we start having the ability of summing two plus two, we start also thinking what we are doing here. What for? Who made us? What is our mission? Our vision? From then on we start putting the right pieces in the right shelves and we throw away pieces we see no utility for. That’s wonderful. Really. Putting order on your own house (brain) it’s a must[1]. Success is when you finish nicely this phase. Failure is when you’re not able to finish it and then you crawl yourself all life long looking for a sense for your life. How I admire the ones going through life without having spent a single second with this issue, the sense of life!

Smartasses of human behavior[2], individual or in group, are very much clear about the name given to an undesired return in life for self-questioning: Existential Crisis, in some cases, Midlife Crisis in other. I rather go for the first because I am no longer at the midlife point[3]. I must confess I am an unconditional admirer of the Existential Crisis. Humans are very much given to crisis as long they are conscious of their existence. Humans do give life for a crisis. The childhood crisis. The teenage crisis. The first school year crisis. The first university year crisis. The existential crisis. The gender[4] crisis. The first love crisis. The second love crisis. The three years marriage crisis. The first child crisis. The five… The second child crisis. The seven years marriage crisis. The midlife crisis. The twenty five years marriage crisis. The three-quarters of life crisis. The menopause[5] crisis. The existential crisis again…

Where does this undesired return hurt? Right in that point at the middle of the intelligent choices I made for my own life. Not intelligent because they were good choices but because they resulted from an exercise of my intelligence. Some were good. Some were sufficient. Some were a disaster. Hey, I know NOW that they were a disaster, not when I took them. This is what growing up or aging is: all of a sudden we realize that a couple of our decisions we took when we were young should never have been taken, if we knew then what we know today. Stupid! Stupid one hundred times. Why stupid? Just because humans will never know when they are fifteen what they will know when they will be fifty. Life has to be lived like we build a wall: brick after brick, consistently, always with the upwards direction in mind. Without big or even none concerns about the first, the second or any other previous rows of bricks. Born and death always living intensively the current row of bricks and looking forward to build the next (upper) rows. This is how a perfect life looks like. And perfection does exist…

Nevertheless, the show must go on. Very often a show-off, but a show anyhow. A show where everyone of us should be a character knowing more or less its role. Some do, some not. I go for those who do, of course. Although falling down here and there, I do believe that rising up after every fall is also a measure of success. Just another color of success. Who said that success is monochromatic? Success is the ability of defining goals and achieve them. No matter the color is painted with, right? This is called survival! Despite being the lower layer in the quality of life scale is still a way of living. As long we keep the state of spirit high enough to keep our mind and our body erectile. As long we keep clearheaded, lucid enough to alternate, free of social infirmities, between the ups and, because we are not able to get rid of them, the downs.

May the gods are there, right where we wish them to be…

  1. When you’re owner of enough skills to do it. I am just wandering through what is considered the standard behavior, whatever standard means in this context.
  2. Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Sociologists and other psy-ists or similar…
  3. In a chat room this is where I would place a stupid Smile showing a sarcastic state of spirit…
  4. Or the sexual orientation…
  5. Or the andropause

Feelings in Black & White

SHE – Oh gosh! Why’s that, sun of my life?
HE – Because some of us, human beings, hardly express our own feelings.
SHE – I know and that’s why you’re in troubles! What are you gonna do tonight?
HE – Watching TV, I guess! I feel like staying at home kind a calm and quiet! What about you?
SHE – I already told you that… (she sighs)
HE – Sorry!
SHE – Why sorry? Relax, my little love (she smiles)
HE – I’m relaxed! Tell me you love me…
SHE – And why should I tell you I love you?
HE – Because if it’s that what you feel about me it will be great to hear it from you. Unless you don’t feel it and it will be fine to hear it from you anyway. Or… Is it that difficult for you to express what you feel?
SHE – It’s surely easy to say it when I am sure about my feelings. It happens that what I feel about you it’s so weird that it makes me confused. Cause nobody else made me feel like this before! But… I love you because you’re a marvelous human being.
HE – Oh! What you feel about me it’s something weird! Geee… I wonder what that will be!
SHE – I wish I would know it as well! But I know it’s something which pleases me and makes me smile every morning when I wake up and I think about you.
HE – Wow! It’s so beautiful what you’ve just said. I won’t forget those words. Ever…
SHE – Why not? You better try to forget it but it’s almost impossible, thanks to your elephant’s memory. (she laughs)
HE – I better forget it? Well, if you really want me to forget you, I may try it…
SHE – Noooo… I didn’t say you should forget me but what I’ve just said. Anyhow, if you really want to forget me I guess I will understand it even if that will make me very unhappy.
HE – Oh gosh! What a situation… I will never forget you or what you said either. You know why not? Because I don’t want it. Period. Now I need to leave you in peace and let you work. Is that ok for you?
SHE – Ok, that’s fine, but… I already miss you. You’re kind a drug I do want to keep addicted to…
HE – Oh, great! I promise I’ll get back to you very, very fast but now you’ve got things to do. Later on I’ll get in touch with you again. May I call you tonight?
SHE – Yes, darling. Kiss…
HE – See you later then. A little kiss on your sweet lips…
SHE – Oh, thanks. It was well received. With ricochet. (she laughs)