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Mercy Street

Based on poem “45 Mercy Street”[1] by Anne Sexton, this song from Peter Gabriel[2] has a melody sounding as much dramatic as both lyrics and Anne Sexton’s life sound. Nevertheless, is powerful. I have realized, lately, that many people handle their daily dramas by digging and sinking deep in their own anguish. It seems that, like myself, many people have found the therapeutic side of sad music, sad lyrics, sad stories to cure a sad moment they, from times to times, go through. Paradoxical, isn’t it?

Between hunger in Somalia, civil war in Syria, the drama of every family which is victim of austerity policies practiced in European Union, the madness of North Korea’s leaders and, very recently, the murder of a student during a traditional students party in Porto, Portugal[3], humankind sucks! We do. Very much. I do not waste time discussing the good side of every human soul since I am very resistant to talk about what it doesn’t exist. Soul is a creation at the same level of God. Meaning, no more than a smart invention from smart asses who wish to gormandize their pairs. Human cruelty is a natural behavior of human beings. It’s in our blood, our flesh, our bones. The abnormal ones are those who naturally are not like so and keep trying good things in favor of good people. Generally, we’re evil today as we always have been.

Anguish for breakfast! The daily awakening of many of us, the little things being moved, on a machiavellian way, like pawns on a chessboard. Life is a nonsense which we love to garnish with noble attributes, noble goals, noble values. We pretend a lot. Otherwise we would have to bare our natural fragility, as beings not really knowing where we come from, where we’re going to. We hate to show ourselves like we really are. Wherefore we personate. The watchword of modern times? Staging! Unfortunately, some of us are very bad actors…

In English

Looking down on empty streets, all she can see
Are the dreams all made solid
Are the dreams all made real

All of the buildings, all of those cars
Were once just a dream
In somebody’s head

She pictures the broken glass, she pictures the steam
She pictures a soul
With no leak at the seam

Lets take the boat out
Wait until darkness
Let’s take the boat out
Wait until darkness comes

Nowhere in the corridors of pale green and grey
Nowhere in the suburbs
In the cold light of day

There in the midst of it so alive and alone
Words support like bone

Dreaming of mercy st.
Wear your inside out
Dreaming of mercy
In your daddy’s arms again
Dreaming of mercy st.
‘swear they moved that sign
Dreaming of mercy
In your daddy’s arms

Pulling out the papers from the drawers
that slide smooth
Tugging at the darkness, word upon word

Confessing all the secret things in the warm velvet box
To the priest, he’s the doctor
He can handle the shocks

Dreaming of the tenderness-the tremble in the hips
Of kissing Mary’s lips

Dreaming of mercy st.
Wear your insides out
Dreaming of mercy
In your daddy’s arms again
Dreaming of mercy st.
‘swear they moved that sign
Looking for mercy
In your daddy’s arms

Mercy, mercy, looking for mercy
Mercy, mercy, looking for mercy

Anne, with her father is out in the boat
Riding the water
Riding the waves on the sea

Em Português

Olhando por aí as ruas vazias, tudo o que ela pode ver
São sonhos tornados sólidos
São sonhos tornados reais

Todos os edifícios, todos aqueles carros
Foram antes não mais que um sonho
Na cabeça de alguém

Ela retrata o vidro estilhaçado, ela retrata o vapor
Ela retrata uma alma

Vamos preparar o barco
Esperar até que escureça
Vamos preparar o barco
Esperar até que a escuridão apareça

Em nenhum dos corredores em verde-pálido e cinza
Em nenhum lugar dos subúrbios
Sob a luz fria do dia

Lá no meio de tudo tão vivo e sózinho
Palavras fortes que nem ossos

O sonho da rua da misericórdia
Desgasta o teu interior
Sonhando com a misericórdia
De novo nos braços de teu pai
O sonho da rua da misericórdia
Juraria que eles tinham mudado aquele sinal
Sonhando com a misericórdia
Nos braços de teu pai

Retirando os papéis das gavetas
que deslizam suavemente
Puxando na escuridão, palavra após palavra

Confessando os segredos da morna caixa de veludo
Para o padre, ele é o médico
Ele pode lidar com os choques

Sonhando com a ternura, o tremor das ancas
Por beijar os lábios de Maria

O sonho da rua da misericórdia
Desgasta o teu interior
Sonhando com a misericórdia
De novo nos braços de teu pai
O sonho da rua da misericórdia
Juraria que eles tinham mudado aquele sinal
Sonhando com a misericórdia
Nos braços de teu pai

Misericórdia, piedade, procurando por misericórdia
Misericórdia, piedade, procurando por misericórdia

Anne, junto com seu pai saiu de barco
Deslizando pela água
Cavalgando as ondas do mar

by Peter Gabriel
Mercy Street, in “So”, © 1986
Translation to English by Zé Barbosa.
Video clip with original front photo from our gallery.

May the gods be with us…

  1. You may read it here.
  2. Former leader of Genesis (band). That was precisely when Genesis were one of my favorite bands…
  3. Annual celebration called Queima das Fitas.

Labor Day

Frankly speaking? The only thing it occurs me in this Labor Day, 2013, is very much expressed by the following picture. I don’t feel much into political or social discussions. Much less those centered on arguments around if this is the Worker Day, the Labor Day or another brick on the wall…

Portugal sucks! Too much talk. Too little action. Number of non workers is increasing, number of workers totally disappointed are countless. We better take a nap and try to dream with sweet things we may not ever get in our life. Or with hot girls who never are our friends, always are other’s friends. Or let’s drink a couple of beers, pretty cold ones, deliver ourselves to the nothings of life or vomit a couple of philosophic thoughts about what we could be if we weren’t what we are but we can’t avoid to be.


Tomorrow will be another labor day, for the little more of 80% of the active population. Tomorrow will be another ultimate experience of labor exploitation by the ones who love most to fuck Portuguese workers: the Portuguese workers! May the gods be with us. Not today, probably! Cause today I guess they will be taking a nap too…

Ten Thousand Thundering Typhoons!

It was like Erwin Rommel was reborn and ordered his panzers to destroy everything they could find ahead. And what they have found ahead was no more, no less, the two best football squads from Spain, from the bigger Spanish towns, and ones of the best in the entire world: FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday nights were glorious for the Erwin Rommel’s kids, disastrous for the Spaniard’s:

The recipe for the victory was exactly the same in both matches. The typical German coldness, a pragmatic football based on physical power and much, much discipline. Not even the fact of the best of anything being camped in the Spanish side, meaning, the best (Lionel Messi) and the second best (Cristiano Ronaldo) football player[1] and the best football coach (José Mourinho). No! It was too bad to be true.

What made the difference between the four for FC Barcelona and the four for Real Madrid CF? First, Real Madrid CF scored once, which forces them to score at least three times in Madrid, for the second hand. It’s two goals less than what Barcelona must make to happen. Second, it was impossible to “see” Lionel Messi. Did he really played that match? On the other side of the story, Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t not be seen because he scored the only goal from Real Madrid CF. But that was all! After that, I guess Ronaldo went on holidays, probably for the same touristy resort where Messi already was. Finally, that panzer called Robert Lewandowski, from Borussia Dortmund, was the true devil. Not only scored the four out of four goals from Borussia Dortmund but was also all the time using his fingers to help Real Madrid CF’s players counting the goals they were suffering. Maybe Lewandowski is not a fan of paella or has got any unresolved issue with the Spaniard race in the world as there was some kind of xenophobic attitude in the way he celebrated every goal out of the four he scored this night.

German panzer

Was there anyone expecting this? Noooo! What everybody was expecting was both German teams winning. Sure, they’re good. But… Massacring? Slaughtering? Humiliating? Contusing? Bruising? Tamping? Trampling? Deriding? Fleering? Flouting? Gibing? Girding? Jeering? Jibing? Scoffing? Mocking? Too bad to be true! But it is true, indeed. So true that nobody now believes that both FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF will rise up from the mud and shit they have been thrown down to, respectively by FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, nobody believes that UEFA Champions League final won’t be between the successors of Erwin Rommel, meaning, a kind of continuation of the duel in the Fußball-Bundesliga between FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund[2].

May the gods be with Cristiano Ronaldo, Fábio Coentrão, Pepe and José Mourinho because I am usually very solidary with my compatriots…

  1. For me it would be the other way around.
  2. They are currently in first and second position, respectively, in the Fußball-Bundesliga, with a difference of 20 points.

What must be, must be !

To be or not to be, what must be, must be! And like so rotates the world, day after day, ones after the other. One thing we can be sure about: two sequential days will never happen at the same time! I am not a fan of certain sayings with its origin in popular sources but this “what must be, must be”[1] is one of those deserving my sympathy. Not because I am a lover of behaviors based on the (apparent) power of fate, or destiny, or doom. Just because it sounds good and, above all, sometimes using it makes us feel good…

Deolinda is a band playing Portuguese popular music. It makes no part of my favorite bands but once in a while they create good songs. The band is made of a very good group of musicians, the sound sounds good[2] and the lead singer, Ana Bacalhau, has got a good voice, I think. Lyrics vary from the common sense up to almost touching a style of social intervention. The mixture of styles is sometimes not that much interesting but very often it works. Let’s say that, when listening to Deolinda we oscilate between Madredeus, fado and music pimba[3].

I leave here my tribute to this nice Portuguese band. I did my best to translate lyrics to English and, as usually, quality of video is low. I promise to keep placing here more references to what is “Made In Portugal” and making some effort to improve video quality.

So help me gods…

Em Português

Nós havemos de nos ver os dois
ver no que isto dá
ficar um pouco mais a conversar
Ter a eternidade para nós
Quem sabe, jantar,
Se tu quiseres pode ser hoje

Tem de acontecer, porque tem de ser
e o que tem de ser tem muita força
E sei que vai ser, porque tem de ser
Se é pra acontecer, pois que seja agora

Nós havemos ambos de encontrar
um destino qualquer
ou um banquinho bom para sentar
Vai ser tão bonito descobrir
que no futuro só
quem decide é a vontade

Tem de acontecer, porque tem de ser
e o que tem de ser tem muita força
E sei que vai ser, porque tem de ser
Se é pra acontecer, pois que seja agora

Tem de acontecer, porque tem de ser
e o que tem de ser tem muita força
E sei que vai ser, porque tem de ser
Se é pra acontecer, pois que seja agora

Que seja agora
Que seja agora
Se é pra acontecer
Pois que seja agora

( + 3 vezes )

In English

We’ll see each other
see what this will bring us
chatting a little bit longer
Getting eternity for us
Who knows, dinner,
It can be today if you wish

It has to happen, cause it has to be
and what must be, must be.
And I know it will be, cause it has to be
If it is to happen, so be it now

We both we shall find
some kind of destination
or a good little stool to sit
It will be so nice to figure out
that in the future, only
will shall decide

It has to happen, cause it has to be
and what must be, must be.
And I know it will be, cause it has to be
If it is to happen, so be it now

It has to happen, cause it has to be
and what must be, must be.
And I know it will be, cause it has to be
If it is to happen, so be it now

Be it now
Be it now
If it is to happen
So be it now

( + 3 times )

by Deolinda
Que Seja Agora, in “Mundo Pequenino”, © 2013
Translation to English by Zé Barbosa.
Video clip with original front photo from our gallery.
  1. “O que tem de ser, tem muita força”, in Portuguese.
  2. Forgive me the redundancy!
  3. Very much appreciated in Portugal.

Who did What, Where, When and Why?

While we, Portuguese, are still struggling to find a solution for removing the mud and the shit which are already pretty close to reach our mouth and nose, it’s fair to refresh the memory of some preachers of the perfect behaviors, the good moral and best practices, from the so called EU core block[1], and help them to have present in their mind what we, European Union citizens in general, are made of…

  • FRANCE — The founder of a French company that made breast implants linked to a major health scare has been charged by police investigating the scandal. Jean-Claude Mas, former boss of Poly Implant Protheses (PIP), faces charges of involuntary injury over the now-defunct firm’s use of substandard ingredients in its implants.
  • FRANCE — An investigative judge has placed former French President Nicolas Sarkozy under formal investigation for breach of trust, accusing him of taking advantage of elderly L’Oreal cosmetic heiress Liliane Bettencourt to help fund his 2007 campaign, Sarkozy’s attorney said, according to CNN affiliate BFM-TV.
  • FRANCE — French authorities have searched the Paris flat of IMF chief Christine Lagarde as part of an investigation into her handling of a 2008 compensation payment to a businessman supporter of ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy, her lawyer said.
  • FRANCE — French President François Hollande says he will not reshuffle his cabinet, as the opposition is demanding in the wake of the scandal over disgraced former budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac’s Swiss bank account.
  • FRANCE — Horse meat falsely labeled as beef has turned up in prepared foods across Europe with a French company, Spanghero, at its epicenter. The company denies that it purposely mislabeled meat it bought from a Dutch trader and repackaged in Luxembourg.[2]

Before this, Portuguese are so peripheral!
The show must go on…

  1. Central and Northern Europe, meaning, the ones thinking they all are beyond any suspicion and above (any) God…
  2. The point here is the “mislabeling”. Not that we are talking about a simple human mistake! We’re talking here about a very much intentional action of labeling as “beef” what in fact is horse meat.

Crawling On A Foggy Night

Between a huge desire of being on stage and a non less huge need of crossing to the other side of the street, hidden in the deepest dark night you can imagine, a turbulent flow of feelings is happening and a random sequence of events is taking place. Steady lives can’t happen on random sequence events!

Approaching April, the so called month of generous rains, and very little to be proud of. Time is a non-stop thing, we just need to manage it accordingly. We are not managing it accordingly! Severe results from severe decisions turn life into a severe sequence of events, every of them out of our own control. We’re just another form of life without the power to control our own death. Just that! However, we behave on the other way around. We watch ourselves on the mirror and we frequently see god. Yes, some kind of divine form. We stare at ourselves for a while and then we move away plenty of positive energy. Then, we see others watching us the same way we watched ourselves at the mirror. Unfortunately, it works only for the time things are (apparently) under our control…

Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Italy… One after the other! European Union is degrading. Everything is now possible, on behalf of the capital owners. Even the taxation of a bank deposit which was not supposed to be taxed more than what was foreseen by the time the money was deposited[1]. I hate when rules change at the middle of the game. I really do! But nowadays a deal is no longer a Deal. Tradition is no longer what it used to be! Currently, deals are an expression of gone times when “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” was a good principle. I see no many exceptions but, fortunately for some fragile creatures, they do exist. Meanwhile, European Union is a kid in school being bullied by naughty boys (USA, China, Germany,…). When we all were thinking all was well, nobody used to speak about solidarity. Now, we have exhumed forgotten words like that one: solidarity! We will exhume many other ones in the same context of that one. The foggy night has just started and we see no lighthouses around…

The cerebral cortex is the outermost sheet of neural tissue of the cerebrum of the brain in some vertebrates. It covers the cerebrum and cerebellum, and is divided into left and right hemispheres. The cerebral cortex plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness. It consists of up to six horizontal layers, each with a different composition in terms of neurons and connectivity[2]. All this to say that is also the main responsible for insomnia. Actually, said from a laic perspective, when things go wrong in your life and stay wrong for a while, more than what you can handle, your cerebral activity gets to be very much intensive and you start feeling a kind of tension on your Frontal lobe. Still on a laic perspective and pretty much far away from an academic attitude, the tension you feel is somewhere on your forehead region and much particularly between your eyes. It would be logic thinking that, after some sleeplessness nights, you are so tired that soon or later you will fall asleep. Wrong! Consider instead that the more tired you are the more difficult is to see clearly the shit situation in what you’re sunk in and the more difficult is to resolve it. The more you will be awaken! At certain point of that foggy night, you start crawling…

Portugal is not handling correctly this economical crisis caused by… ourselves! No, I do not blame anyone else. I believe that it is always one’s mandatory task the creation of one’s security mechanisms. We haven’t done it, therefore we have no right to indignation towards others. We have, instead, the right and the duty of indignation towards ourselves. Unfortunately, I haven’t found positive echo on others resulting from my wise conclusions. I feel a lonely believer in my beliefs, lonely walking through a small land still looking for what it doesn’t know what. A lonely walker, though! A lonely crawler. How sublime exaltation is brought by these circumstances when a man’s beliefs are simply ignored…

The silence of the innocents is no better, no worse, than the silence of guilty ones. Silence is simply silence, no matter if erudites take it as part of music, or if common sense take it as a confession of guiltiness, or if is taken as lack of knowledge or… whatever. Silence is just the result of one’s decision to be silent. There are many reasons to take that decision. Some are freely taken, other not. Innocence ends right after a certain state of comprehension is acquired. A child may be innocent. An adult may be naive. In an adult phase of life, decisions are empty of innocence, might be full of naivety. Very often are, instead, empty of a clear and sharp ability to read contexts. Not so rarely are plenty of emotionality. A good balance between emotionality and (a recommended) rationality is the question! Management of situations resulting from lack of proper balance between both, is hard!

My gone times of electronics student made me keep in mind a singular concept about semiconductor junction’s behavior:

As the forward bias in a semiconductor P-N junction increases, the current through the junction also increases, up to a certain point. When the bias is increased beyond that point (called the saturation point), no further increase in the current occurs.

Can’t you see? I am not comparing a human being to a semiconductor but we are a being made of quite a lot junctions, though. We start our life improving ourselves by just simply collecting knowledge. We grow up based on our tutors[3] actions. At a certain point, we start improving ourselves by emitting what we have learned in the previous phase. Then, we reach the operation point which is that phase very much comparable to cruise speed for a ship. That is also known as the comfort zone. We love that zone. We do. Here. There. Everywhere. We aim it. We struggle for it. We love and hate for it. We do the possible and the impossible for it. At any price! At least, some of us…

What if one day you leave (or you are forced to leave) that so much obstinately pursued comfort zone? Common mortals never leave their comfort zone unless they are forced to it. Mortals leaving respective comfort zone on their own are seen as affected by any kind of disease, usually mental. Well, this world wide crisis is forcing mortals, who never would do it under normal conditions, to abandoning their comfort zone. At the same time, is driving mortals, who would normally do it under normal conditions, into an obtuse meditation about life philosophies. For ones and for the other, nights become longer. Frontal lobe comes on stage. Either ones or the other start sharing the same foggy nights. Some will crawl, other not. Irony of fate? Not really. What then? Just the way it is. Just the way we are. Just the way we cannot avoid to be. However, even sharing the same nauseous swamp, the first ones will always look at the other as being affected by any kind of disease, usually mental. A new order will then arise in that nauseous swamp. Two parties will be formed: les uns et les autres[4]. Stories of love and hate will continue. The usual! In a different swamp…

Finding walls in every meter stepped ahead. It wears my patience out. Withdraw is not an option. Fed up with the huge bunch of pretenders. Fed up with more of the same. Full of non-existent way outs. No love, neither lovers. No nostalgia. What a waste! Timing is relevant. Second interregnum on the way. Carrying on a life reset. No sense of loss, except lost opportunities. Stressing up to the saturation point. A fantastic and attractive arm wrestling, though. Crawling on a foggy night. Seeking things. Seeking you…

Not my easter! Yet…

Video-clip by Genesis performing The Carpet Crawlers 1999 (2004 Digital Remaster)[5]
Front photo from our gallery.
If you’re searching this song lyrics in Portuguese, click here.

Free 4 You: “Carpet Crawlers”, Genesis ( download to be played on Winamp )
  1. Generally speaking as I do not know the reality regarding bank net built in Cyprus by Russian mafias!
  2. in Wikipedia.
  3. Parents, family, school,…
  4. Fantastic french movie I watched many years ago (Les Uns et les Autres).
  5. This song is an important mark in my life. It is very much associated to the first interregnum, a couple of decades before. At this point, Genesis (band) was very much on top of my preferences. A couple of years later, Phil Collins had already destroyed its spirit.

My little world…

I wish I were a constant traveler! But I am not. Let’s say that once upon a time there as a life project which became no more than a nice project. Nevertheless, one of these (last) days I saw myself revising all places I already visited, most of them result of business trips. I started surfing Internet looking for an already done web application which could be able of giving me a record of all countries I have visited. I found this one:

Well, this nice (and free) web application it’s very USA oriented because that country is the only one about what one can individualize the visited states. As a matter of fact, I visited just a couple of towns in USA but that would be too much detail for our brain or, if you prefer, too much sand for our truck. If the creator of this little application was a little bit more informed about the world, he would develop the same functionality (specification of visited state/county) for countries like Brazil, or China, or Russia or even Germany. But he didn’t like so and as a result of that you look at South-America and it looks like I visited almost that half-continent. Not true! I was in Brazil, indeed, visiting a couple of towns but far, far, far away of knowing the whole (huge) Brazil…

After all clarifications done, I may now elaborate a couple of comments about my traveler side:

  1. First of all, a huge part of my trips were paid by the company I was working for.
  2. Secondly, business trips very often give you little space to know the place where you’re traveling to.
  3. Third, I am so unhappy because I never went to an Asian country. Very curious about Japan and China…
  4. I have visited three out the six continents[1] which are Europe, Africa and America. I feel no attraction at all for Antarctica but I would appreciate very much a jump to Australia in Oceania.
  5. Out of all European countries I visited, I enjoyed almost all of them and my English language was usually enough to survive during my stays there. Except in England[2]!
  6. Due to my frequent trips to Germany, I developed a theory that it would not be possible to find another people in the world having such little sense of humor like Germans. I have realized my theory was totally wrong when I visited Czech Republic!
  7. After some visits to latin countries (Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina) I am still trying to find where really is the latin rib of Portuguese people! At least I have learned that we, Portuguese, are latin but not latinos.
  8. Regarding eating and drinking, the worst place for both human needs is United Kingdom! Highly expensive and awful in all other aspects. The best place? Portugal.
  9. Regarding women, the place where you easily find ugly, classless and hard going girls is United Kingdom. The best place? Brazil.
  10. Regarding professionalism within Services in general (restaurants, hotels, taxis, public care, etc), the best place is shared by Germany and USA. The worst? Czech Republic, yet not much far from England.
  11. I never visited the Portuguese islands Azores and Madeira but the wish to go there is about… zero!

This is it. My little world! I would like to have gone much further than the 9% of already known world but I am not lucky enough for that. Even so, I am expecting that one day I will visit countries like Russia, Japan, Canada, Australia and other corners I guess I would enjoy to drink a beer at. At least I can say that I enjoyed and profited every minute of my trips. Not because I love old stones from old ages[3] but because I love watching people. Other people, other habits[4], other thoughts, other expectations…

May the gods be with every little world of every little “I”…

Free 4 You: “What A Wonderful World”, Louis Armstrong ( download to be played on Winamp )
  1. Consider the six continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Oceania and Antarctica.
  2. Notice that I said England, not United kingdom. Actually, in Scotland they got very much impressed with my international English.
  3. Don’t count on me to spend hours inside museums and old churches…
  4. See habit (psychology).