Killing for pleasure

Between the terrorism in Manchester, UK, passing through the long lasting war in Syria, and the total madness of Kim Jong-un, the world is crazy, I must say. Agitation is total. Tension is growing up. As days pass, we are more and more a barrel of gunpowder with a short fuse lookalike. I definitely do not believe that human kind is, by nature, something good. No, it is not. On the contrary, we are born mean, evil, bad, nasty, wicked, nefarious, felonious, abject and with a strong inclination to killing, hurting, dominating by cruel force, getting pleasure from other’s suffering.

Is there any other species hurting for pleasure? It seems other species kill for self-protection, for surviving. Other species follow the natural order of things. We not. We kill for power. We kill for pleasure. We kill for killing…

We’re our worst own enemy…

Love Enough For Two

Loving for what? Both us? For two? I just love for myself and even in Portuguese “Amar Pelos Dois” this song is nothing more than a piece of crap very much appreciated by Europe. The old, antique and self-convinced Europe thinking since long the culture resides only between Portugal (westernmost European country) and Russia (easternmost European country)[1].

Whats’s is going on in Europe? As we say in Portugal (literal translation) “age doesn’t forgive”[2]. And Europe is old. Too old. Suffering already of dementia, which is never assumed by whom is suffering of it. The song is awful in all its dimensions:

  • lyrics
  • music
  • performance

Lyrics are cheap poetry. Love for two, for one, for everybody, for no one? Bulshit, cheap poetry…

Portuguese (original)

Se um dia alguém perguntar por mim
Diz que vivi para te amar
Antes de ti, só existi
Cansado e sem nada para dar

Meu bem, ouve as minhas preces
Peço que regresses, que me voltes a querer
Eu sei que não se ama sozinho
Talvez, devagarinho, possas voltar a aprender

Meu bem, ouve as minhas preces
Peço que regresses, que me voltes a querer
Eu sei que não se ama sozinho
Talvez, devagarinho, possas voltar a aprender

Se o teu coração não quiser ceder
Não sentir paixão, não quiser sofrer
Sem fazer planos do que virá depois
O meu coração pode amar pelos dois

English (translation):

If one day someone asks about me
Tell them I lived to love you
Before you, I only existed
Tired and with nothing to give

My dear, listen to my prayers
I beg you to return, to want me again
I know that one can’t love alone
Maybe slowly you might learn again

My dear, listen to my prayers
I beg you to return, to want me again
I know that one can’t love alone
Maybe slowly you might learn again

If your heart doesn’t wish to give in
Not to feel passion, not to suffer
Without making plans of what will come after
My heart can love for the both of us

This is “fado” made jazz or jazz made “fado”. No matter what, never mind. I dislike both. Jazz is bad. “Fado” as well. Both are suffering, hurt, pain, sorrow, hardship, agony, torment. Even worse, performed by a kid[3] that it seems never have had recovered from an overdose or two in his childhood and based on a lyrics made by his sister[4] who seems to have been unhappy her whole life for I don’t know what reason.

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the upmost useless song contests in the world. It’s not to promote singers, it’s not to promote composers, it’s not to promote writers, it’s not to promote TV channels, it’s not to promote countries participating in this “I don’t know what thing” happening every year. What Portuguese people know now is that their country have to spend millions in the organization of 2018 Eurovision Song Contest without knowing what will be the respective return on investment. Investment? Time for a large laugh here…

What else can be said about this song and success of brothers Sobral? No matter what, will be a waste of time. As long they’re happy and many other Europeans investors are happy with this, anything I say here it’s just waste. And I am too old to deliver myself to the illogical and not grounded pleasures of time waste…

I love enough for myself…

  1. If Russia is an European country, which I doubt.
  2. In Portuguese “A idade não perdoa”
  3. Salvador Sobral
  4. Luísa Sobral

Dating sites reviews -p3

And Monika Brown, one of the thousands of fake profiles in, continues:

Thanks for your response, i am glad to meet a man who want a long term relationship. I am ready to build a relationship that will be permanent. . I was brought up in a farm house, maybe this tells why i know much about animals. I have only had the chance to love once in my life and the man i loved live in Canberra.We got separated when i visited him in Canberra and he left me out in the cold, he lied to me about another woman, since then i have run away from the internet.
I need a man who is mature who is ready to care and love me.I joined the Australian in 2010 just to keep my boring life busy but unfortunately life have been more boring at the camp base here in Humboldt .

i came here for the 2 to 3 weeks intelligent training in Humboldt and would like to meet you if you are ready before we leave here in the next 2 weeks ,…please tell me more about your work, life and your love experience..can you send some pics?

Very often, there is drama in the stories they tell. Girls forced by the father to move to Africa, abandoned by cruel boyfriends, in the army so far away in hostile countries… Stories don’t change much from girl to girl. The common point is: they all are caucasian, beautiful girls with well treated skin and hair and prominent breasts. Yes, breasts. Exactly, that amazing creation in women moving men around the world, by foot, no matter how far they have to go.

Well, this Monika hasn’t been much provided with generous breasts but you’ve been warned anyway…

Dating sites reviews -p2

Well, is boring to read but I had the time and the patience to do it: reading an email message from a girl registered in (her name Monika Brown):

How are you and work,hope all is well with you ? its my very great pleasure to hear back from you. I want you to know first before anything that i am a God fearing Christian, i don’t criticize other people’s religion and i have tried as much as possible never to allow my relationship with God to affect my Romance life in any way what so ever.I am sure that God willing if we will meet at all, This are some other things i still think you need to know about me.For me,i like going to beaches in my Bikini,movies shows,musical concerts and sometime go for dinner and taste a little coffee or wine from a small window and attend church services.I am also the kind of woman that will be waiting at your door whenever you are back either from work or anywhere, and i also love cuddling on the couch with the man i love,watching TV.I want you to know that when i am set ,am set and nothing can change me so i don’t beat about the bush i allow my feelings and mind to be known fast, bcos its very awful when someone hurt another good feelings. My name is Marie shosanya, born 6th of dec in the year 1987 and i am from a mixed race.. Don ‘t be surprised i’m far away in south Africa at the moment, although it isn’t fun down here, but I’m here and there’s nothing I can do about it and I do not think I’ll want to come back again for any more reason after this …..I formerly work with my father as his personal auditor before he died , he ( my father ) works with some oil contractors in Australia and Africa including some parts of the Asia..I am happy working with him then cos we travel alot together alot and make good profits in all we do. i am in south Africa right now to get some inheritance that rightfull belongs to me.I am willing to relocate to meet the Man i fall inlove with as soon as i am done here..I don’t know if u care to meet me in person all in the hands of God.I am single and i have been for 4yrs now.since i had caught my X red handed in my room sleeping with my best friend this was shortly before i met God but it was this bad experience that brought me closer to God and since then he has not failed me.. He helped me to erase the path we took to meet in my life i mean my X and my friend.Now,i looking for a new love,relationship (Mr Right) that is the reason I joined a dating site where i we met.. It was exactly this site that my friend we go to church together met her husband and thank God now are happily married with a kid… The kind of man am looking for must be very well responsible, honest, caring, lovely, open minded.As for the type of companion I desire. It is rather simple. Race ,ethnicity,religious believe and physical appearance in general is not problem. My interest is in a good personality and sense of humor for I need someone to lift my spirits. I generally prefer men in the age range of 25 and above bcos i believe age its just a number, but am open to any,depending upon them i will love to share the intimate side of myself with someone willing to do the same. I hope to find a Man that I could possibly have a new life with and beginning with when i get back.Am still single Still searching for a man who will make me happy till the end of my life and the man i can spend the rest of my life with. I think falling in love is always a good thing ,even not exercising. There is always something to learn from being with someone and happy memories and moments should be appreciated ,I’m saying this because I can not predict the future . For some people with a relationship. Are u single,married or divorced? What do you do for a living? Have u any kid? Tell me about urself ? What do u do for fun and in your free time? How do you treat your woman Thanks and i will be looking forward to read a reply telling me about yourself. Country : United States State :Nebraska Ethnicity: Caucasian Date of Birth: 1987-06-17 Eyes color: Brown Hair color : Blonde Height: 165 cm or 5 feet and 5 inches Weight: 59 kg or 130lbs Cup : D Measurements: 34D – 24-36

Pay attention: all of them reply you with same text. They just change some circumstantial data. The life story is 100% the very same. My next step is: find out what do they want from me!

You’ve been warned…

Dating sites reviews

Yes, it’s my new hobby: subscribing dating websites. I know that curiosity killed the cat but I had to go through this. And the idea is to place here some reviews about some dating sites I’ve subscribed and experimented. There it goes the first one…

Nothing is as it looks to be. Thousands of fake profiles, lousy programming, compatibility definition it’s a joke, the system floods you with standard phrases coming from Russian girls (if you’re a man) who don’t exist in fact. To confirm it, try replying their standard calls. You will never get an answer…

Well, crap, scam and spam all together in the same website. With some luck, you will find one or two real people there. But don’t wait any help from Support Team. They’re as much fake as the profiles they create to give you the impression you’re the most good looking person in the world.

You’ve been warned…

Our Champions

Monte dos Amigos

Pangasius on the hill of friends…

I get upset when people do not believe I can cook. What the heck…?? What kind of face does it take to make people believe we can cook? My mother said one day “Zé, I’ll teach you how to cook, we never know if one day you get alone without a woman to hold you.” It is the case! And since I cannot afford to eat out every day, I cook for myself. And I do delights from another world. I do. Period! But in this post I just wanted to talk about “Monte dos Amigos”[1]

I love Alentejo. Good wine, good people, good environment. “Monte dos Amigos” is a super nice wine from Alentejo which convinced me. Such as the “hills”[2], Alentejo version of housing or rural tourism, did because it has long been my favorite option for holidays.

The fish? Known in Portugal as catfish, in Angola, where I met it, as Pangasius. It is a fish considered food for poors in Portugal. But I can not resist to the taste of the said whose. I do not know how to explain. Just like when I like a woman, I do not know (nor do I want to) explain. I’m just for to be delighted…

Spaghetti or “esparguete”[3] is just the same, as anywhere in the world (here in this picture only cooked in salt and water). Now, what I do not reveal is the “mistela”[4] next to the spaghetti and the catfish. Simply divine…

I get upset when people do not believe I can cook…

Monte dos Amigos
  1. Freely translated, hill of friends.
  2. The word in Portuguese is “monte” and is the first word of the designation of many official lodging spaces in Alentejo. Eg: Monte das Pedras Negras.
  3. Portuguese translation for spaghetti.
  4. Portuguese slang for mixture.

Porto, European Best Destination 2017

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